Law of Moses

“The law ordained through Moses … has not been understood by many persons. … I think that this will be perfectly clear to you when you have learned the contradictory opinions about it. Some say that it is legislation given by God the father of all; others, taking the contrary course, maintain stubbornly that it was ordained by the opposite, the devil who causes destruction, just as they attribute the fashioning of the world to him, saying that he is the father and maker of this universe. Both are in error; they refute each other, and neither has reached the truth of the matter. For it is evident that the law was not ordained by the perfect god the father, for it is secondary, being imperfect and in need of completion by another, containing commandments alien to the nature and thought of such a God. On the other hand, one cannot impute the law to the injustice of the adversary, for it is opposed to injustice. … Only unintelligent people have this idea, people who do not recognize the providence of the creator and have blinded not only the eye of the soul but also the eye of the body. From what has been said, it is evident that these persons entirely miss the truth; each of the two groups has experienced this, the first because they do not know the God of justice, the second because they do not know the Father of all, who was revealed by him alone who came and who knew him. It remains for us who have been counted worthy of the knowledge of both of these to provide you with an accurate explanation of the nature of the law and of the legislator by whom it was ordained. …

“First, you must learn that the entire law contained in the Pentateuch of Moses was not ordained by one legislator, I mean, not by God alone; some commandments are Moses’, and some were given by men. The words of the savior teach us this triple division.” ~Ptolemy

Law of Moses

What Ptolemy is saying in his lengthy and convoluted way is that we can’t just assume that all of what is called the Law of Moses is the Law of God. In other words, we can’t say that God was the source of all of it. Ptolemy says some are the words ( or opinions) of Moses and some the ideas of other men. This doesn’t even account for what gets lost from translations into another language, then translating that into another language, and so on until what comes down to us has been through four or five translations. Those who would argue that it is the Word of God, therefore God Himself makes sure it is always translated correctly fail to recognize that there are dozens of different versions of the Bible, each a little different. And even if it were true that all of the Law of Moses was inspired by God, many people would still not understand its true meaning.

Tale of Moses

Many people forget that the clay tablets of Moses on which were written the ten commandments were not the original. Moses first spoke to the “Burning Bush”, an allegory for the Spiritual Sun, and came down from the “Mountain top”, which is an allegory for the spiritual realms, bearing a rock which contained the law of God. Moses destroyed that rock when he says that the Hebrews had turned to pagan worship of idols. He later repented and returned to the top of the mountain. This time he came back down carrying two tablets of clay on which were written the ten commandments which are the basis of the Law of Moses. Almost everyone assumes that the ten commandments on the clay tablets were the same as what on the original rock that Moses destroyed, but there is no proof of that. Since the ten commandments in the Law of Moses are but basic laws of civility and ethics, with nothing truly spiritual, most spiritual people know that it isn’t the same thing. When Moses saw that the people were simply not ready for the advanced spiritual teachings contained in the rock from God, he replaced it with simply civil laws that were but a small step in the right direction and could be followed by those who were not yet spiritually awakened.

Missing the Truth

Ptolemy says that both sides of the argument over whether the Law of Moses is the Word of God are missing the truth. There are two reasons for saying that. The obvious reason is that both sides are making the assumption that it is one or the other, black or white when the truth is a gray area of mixed sources. The other reason is that spiritual truth and knowledge is rarely if ever, written in simple and obvious ways so that it can be easily understood. It is instead written in allegory and metaphor. That is partly because there are no words to adequately explain the spiritual truth and partly because those who know the truth do not want it to fall into the hands of evil people who would misuse that knowledge for personal and materialistic gains. Hitler and Nero are examples of the types of evil things that can happen when an evil person gains just some of that knowledge. So the Law of Moses is not only from three sources, but it is also an allegory. And that is true of almost everything else in the Bible as well as in scripture of other faiths.


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