proud man

“I ask, ‘How can you rectify a proud man?’ Act with love with him, nothing more. There is no other power that can soften a man’s pride. That’s how you will soften it and put it in its normal condition. In man’s life where love does not reign there, greed will be born.

“Christ says, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.’ … When you enter this way, you will act well, you will work well, and when you enter the Truth, you cannot stay indifferent, you will love all people! This is the Truth! And when you enter this life, you will think together with all people and you will take the nice from them from everywhere. …

“I am teaching you the the nicest thing: ‘Learn to Love God!’ This is Love!

“So I am telling you now if you are listening to me, according to the law of love, you will understand these things. With love, all things have meaning. And in Truth, all things have meaning. …

“Love is manifested through the law of Wisdom. Wisdom is manifested through the law of Truth. Truth is realized in life. It is a circle. You have to be reasonable in order to enter love and to benefit from all it carries.” ~Biensa Douno

A Proud Man

Today many will wonder what is wrong with being a proud man. There is nothing wrong with some reasonable pride based on accomplishment. But that is not the kind of pride Douno is referring to. He is talking about having way to much pride for minor accomplishments, or simply being full of pride with no accomplishments at all. In short, he is talking about hubris, the opposite of humility. It is the kind of pride that makes a person believe they could make a good president with no political experience whatsoever. This is the kind of pride that convinces you that when anything goes wrong, it is always someone else’s fault. This pride may give you some success in the overly materialistic physical world of today, but it gets you nowhere in the realm of spirit.

Act With Love

It is not just the proud man who needs the power of love. All of us do. And the ones who need it the most are very often the ones who get it the least. Orphans, immigrants, homeless people, poor people, and such are often ignored or forgotten by the majority of humanity. So we should all practice giving love and acting with love, not just to relatives and friends, not just to those we like or agree with, but to all of humanity. Then we should go beyond loving humanity to love animals, plants, and all of creation. Even the mountains and rivers are living things and need love.

Acting with love means more than simply saying you love everyone and everything, although that is a good start. It means that when you do things you ask who will benefit by it and who will be harmed by it. If you benefit from it, but others are harmed, doing it is probably is not an act of love. And if your act of love does benefit others, but you do it only to boost your ego and pride, you are not doing an act of love. The proud man may do good deeds, but he (or she) only does it for recognition.

The Way, the Life

Yes, Christ is the way. The way of awakening, the way of enlightenment. The way of saving the planet and all the universe of matter. And Jesus, who was a Christ, showed us how to follow the way. Unfortunately, instead of following the way as Jesus taught, most Christians choose to worship him instead and believe they need to do nothing themselves because Jesus did it for them. Jesus never taught such foolishness. Neither did Buddha, Moses, or any of the other enlightened spiritual and religious leaders. All mystery schools taught that each of us must follow the way, not expect that someone else can do it for us. Surrogate mothers are a real thing but enlightenment by surrogate is a fantasy. Jesus showed the way but he didn’t do it for us. Jesus showed us how to awaken the Christ within each of us, not to just worship him as Christ.

Love, Truth, Wisdom

When you make the effort to follow the way—not the way as you choose to define it, but the way as enlightened teachers have taught it for ages—you will begin to experience real and universal Love, Truth, and Wisdom. The three come together. When you know universal truth, you get wisdom. When you have truth and wisdom, you cannot help but love all of life, all beings. You also get humility in the process of gaining these things. The proud man doesn’t have them. Love, truth, and wisdom are companions of humility, not hubris.


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