hidden spring

“While you perceive nothing sensible, or apparent, in your religious state, there is, at the same time, evidence to others of a hidden spring of life within your soul. God does no give you the sweet rain which, falling, clothes all the surface of the soul with verdure, but he gives you the deep wellspring, by which means means you live and flourish, and produce, not herbs and flowers, which are born and die in the same day, but substantial fruits, ripening for eternity. David said, the life of man upon this earth is as grass, which groweth up in the morning and withers in the evening. This refers to the natural life, but is also true of the selfish life of man. It flourishes in the morning of the spiritual life, but the sooner does the sun of righteousness arise in his warmth, than this life withers and is cut down. The righteous are as a tree planted by the rivers of water, whose leaf is always green. This is because the roots are well watered by the deep flowing current.” ~Madam Guyon

Hidden Spring of Life

Many names have been given to this flow over the centuries. The hidden spring, the water of life, and the fountain of youth are the best known of them. They all refer to the same thing. That thing is the flow of spiritual light that awakens the spirit and soul of man. It is also called Grace for that reason. This is the spring that flows everywhere. Nothing can stop it. It is the water that flows from a rock in the middle of a desert. It is the fountain that brings life to a seemingly dead spirit and soul. You cannot hide from it, but why should you?

Hiding from the Hidden Spring

Fools have tried to block out this light with ideas like turning the open temples of the ancient orders of Mystics and Gnostics into the dark caves with the painted-over windows of many churches. We in Cosolargy may be the only Christian organization left that has open-air churches where the light of the hidden spring is welcomed and encouraged. But the methods of the large, state-approved churches have worked to some degree in the past. But now is a new age and the Sun of Righteousness shines upon us. This is the most powerful spiritual sun ever, so it is harder than ever to hide from it. And those who try, do so at their peril. Those who refuse to adapt to this new age of the Sun of Righteousness will die trying to avoid it as the world they know will cease to exist.

Clothes the Soul with Verdure

I admit that until I read the quote, I did not know the word “verdure”. It most often means a plant that is a healthy green, but it also means anything that is strong and healthy. So in the words of Guyon, the spiritual light that flows from the hidden spring coats (clothes) the soul in health, strength, and vigor. This is certainly a good way to say that it awakens and invigorates the sleeping soul. It might be more accurate, though, to say that it fills the soul with verdure rather than clothes it.

Life of Grass

So according to David, our life on earth is “as grass”. This is his way of saying that physical life is quite short. Even if we live to be a hundred, that is nothing compared to the infinite life of the spirit and soul. And yet there are many who seek all sorts of ways to extend that physical life for an extra ten or fifteen years, while completely ignoring the spirit and soul. Some of them have sought the hidden spring, generally under the Fountain of Youth name, to aid in that pursuit. They always fail because they fail to grasp that the fountain is spiritual and the eternal youth it grants is to the spirit and soul, not the physical body.

Madam Guyon says that David is not only referring to the natural life, but also to the selfish life. What she means is that the ones trapped in materialism and the physical realm are not the only ones who will fail to find the hidden spring. Even those who seek spiritual awakening, but do it for selfish or egotistical reasons, will fail to find it. We have to seek the spring with humility, love, and joy. Being selfish and greedy is like looking for it while wearing a blindfold.


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