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“Man is a far more complete being than is generally imagined. He has not only a body and a soul, but he is a spirit possessing a soul, which soul has several vehicles being of different degrees of density, the body being the lowest form of expression. …

“The real self is pure spirit, a spark of the divine fire. This spirit is encased within numerous sheaths, which prevent its full expression. As man advances in development, his consciousness passes from the lower planes to the higher, and he becomes more and more aware of his higher nature.

“The spirit contains within it all potentialities, and as man progresses he unfolds new powers, new qualities, into the light.

“The Yogi philosophy teaches that man is composed of seven principles. …The seven principles of man … are herewith stated:

  • Spirit
  • spiritual Mind
  • Intellect
  • Instinctive Mind
  • Prana, or Vital Force
  • Astral Body
  • Physical Body

Of all the seven principles od man, the physical body is or course the most apparent. It is the lowest in the scale, and is the crudest manifestation of the man.” ~~William Walker Atkinson

A Complete Man

We in Cosolargy would say that man is a complex being rather than “complete”. For one thing, complete implies that everything is there and no improvement is needed. I think we all know we haven’t reached that stage of completeness. Of course, Atkinson doesn’t actually say man is complete, just that he is more complete than we realize. Again, if that is true, it would be better to say that man is a complex being.

Spirit Possessing a Soul

I’m not sure we should say that the real person is pure spirit possessing a soul. Saying the spirit possesses a soul makes it sound like the soul is a piece of property that the spirit owns. It is more like the relationship between the physical body and mind. The body doesn’t possess the mind and the spirit doesn’t possess the soul.

Vehicles of the Soul

Whether or not the soul has several “vehicles,” or aspects is questionable. Comparing it once more with the mind, we don’t say a person who is good in science and art has two vehicles of his mind. He has a complex mind capable of many things. And we have a complex soul capable of many things.

One thing Atkinson doesn’t mention is that we humans, unlike animals, have two souls. We have a mundane one just as the animals do, and a divine soul. It is the divine soul that links us to God and the higher dimensions of reality. It is also the divine soul that is dormant when we enter the physical realm, and we need to awaken it to become a truly complete man (or woman).

Divine Fire

We do have a spark of the divine fire within us, and that spark is the divine soul. This spark allows us to communicate with angels and being of light that exist in the spiritual worlds. We should want to do that. The best way to know what the weather is in Los Angeles is to ask someone who lives there. The best way to know what is happening on spiritual planes, and how we can reach those levels, is to communicate with spiritual beings. We must, of course, be careful that those we communicate with truly are on higher planes and not demons of the fourth dimension playing tricks on us.

Unfortunately, humans have descended so deeply into matter that the divine spark has nearly gone out. We can, however, revive it. We use the light of the spiritual sun to do that. The light of the physical sun warms and energizes our physical bodies, the spiritual sun does the same for our spirits and souls. So remain a complete man and feed your soul divine light.

Powers and Principles

We do indeed unfold new powers as we feed that divine fire and awaken the soul. Some of those powers are psychic, others are spiritual. While psychic powers may be useful, we shouldn’t get too caught up in using them. You need to continue the path and climb all the way to the top of the mountain, the highest level of consciousness.

A complete man does have a number of what Atkinson calls principles. How many varies depending on which teacher or school you listen to. The important thing is to remember that the pure spirit is the highest principle, while the physical body is the lowest. This doesn’t mean, as some assume, that the physical body is meaningless and can be ignored. No, we need to push the physical body to higher levels of being along with the mind, spirit, and soul. We need to remain a complete man (woman), and that includes the body. But if we don’t turn around and head away from the even lower second dimension, we will fall too low for saving. So don’t ignore the physical body, turn it toward the higher realms by awakening and developing the soul and allowing it to take control of the mind and body. When the spirit and soul are developed, they feed that higher-frequency energy into the mind and body healing them to grow and transform as well.

Another important thing to notice in the seven principles is that intellect and spiritual mind are two different levels. Many believe that the development of the intellect by filling it with spiritual knowledge is the path to enlightenment. It isn’t. The spiritual mind, that is the Divine Soul, must be awakened and developed. Only spirit can reach to Heaven.


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