children of the sun

“When their guide and leader left, the people knew themselves as children of the sun. They were warlike and subdued other people in its name, and brought them under its rule. …

“Then some priests among those followed the rule of the sun stole its spirit and brought it down, so that it enlivened the statues and images of their gods. Thus the spirit which enlivens all the lesser gods is but the one spirit held in captivity, and not many as the people think.

“Then came the Wise Ones from the East and they caused the people to have other thoughts. They were men who knew the ways of Heaven and asked of the people, ‘Is the sun spirit indeed supreme? Is this not a thing requiring much thought? Consider its movements, are they not more like those of one who is directed in his comings and goings? … Is it not like a boat controlled by the will of man, rather than a free-ranging god? Is it not more like a slave under the direction of a master?’ These things disturbed the hearts of the people. Some pondered upon them, but others, in the manner of men, cried death to those who deny the truth of these things.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:2:9-11)

Children of the Sun

It should be a compliment to say that these people were children of the sun. However, in this case, it isn’t. Assuming that their guide was a true spiritual guide and teacher, he would have taught them about the importance of the sun, and the difference between the physical sun and the spiritual sun. He would never have told them that the sun was a god. Yet it seems that they came to believe that the sun was a god. Thus they were led astray just as much as those who deny that the sun has any spiritual powers at all. And while the quote doesn’t say it, it is likely that they saw only the physical sun, not the spiritual. That tends to make people more materialistic, more warlike. That is what the quote indicates happened to these people, whoever they were.

Brought it Down

These sun worshipers who claimed to be children of the sun had priests who promoted their beliefs. The quote says these priests stole the spirit of the sun and brought it down to earth and into the statues and images of their gods. This indicates that there were other gods being worshipped besides the sun.

I think it is inaccurate to say these priests brought down the spirit of the sun. It is probably more correct to say that they channeled the energy from the sun into their statues and images. In any case, these priests were creating illusion and that is never a good sign. True religion never has to use trickery.

Wise Ones from the East

Have you noticed that wherever the story is set in the world, the wise ones are always arriving from the east? You might wonder how that is possible. After all, some places must be to the east of the home of the wise ones. But that is missing the point.

The wise ones are always from the east because the sun rises in the east. It is like saying the wise ones are from the dawn, bringing the light of a new day, a new age. It doesn’t matter where they are physically from.

The wise ones remind the people that the sun, powerful as it is, does not operate in complete freedom. It has a path to follow. They say it is directed, controlled. This means that there is a being greater than the sun, therefore the sun cannot be God. It can certainly be an agent of God, but it isn’t God. There is a difference, however, between the physical sun and the spiritual sun. The physical sun ia an agent of the Demiurge, the false god. The spiritual sun is an agent of the true God, the God of Spirit. Real Children of the Sun turn to the spiritual sun for enlightenment, not the physical. The physical sun does offer benefits to the physical body, but only the spiritual sun can awaken the spirit and soul. If you not at least somewhat awakened, you are not real Children of the Sun.

Disturbed the People

The Kolbrin Bible is certainly correct in how people will react when given a truth that contradicts their beliefs. A small percentage will listen to the teacher and change their beliefs. They can be awakened and saved. Sadly, however, there will be an even larger number who will reject anything that contradicts their beliefs, even as they circle the drain while those beliefs go under. The quote is talking about those who will insist that the sun is God, and not just an agent of God. It also applies, however, to those who deny any spiritual truth and cling to the illusions of the realm of matter. If you haven’t yet noticed, that realm is falling apart, being transformed. Those who refuse to transform with it will have no place to live. So now is the time to become true Children of the Sun.


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