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“In the days before Harekta came, all was barren and desolate. Nought divided the wilderness from the swamp lands filled with reeds. Thus here were no cattle or sheep, and the land knew not the hand of man, it lay untilled and unwatered.

“No land was sown, for they who dwelt in it knew not the making of waterways, nor did they know how to command the water an make is flow at man’s behest. There were no cities, and men dwelt in holes in the ground, or where the rock was cleft. They walked in their nakedness, or clothed themselves with leaves or bark, while at night, they covered themselves with the skins of wild beasts. … They had none to rule over them, nor had they leaders to guide. … They were truly unenlightened in those days.

“Then came the servant of the Sun, and he it was who brought the people together and put rulers over them. … He showed them, man and woman, how to dwell together in contentment. … He instructed men in the sowing of corn and the growing of herbs. … He instructed men in the working of gold and silver, and the making of vessels from clay. …

“Then, when he departed he bade the people not to weep, for thought he went to his father, the sun would adopt them as his children and all could become sons of the sun.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:2:3-7)

Barren and Desolate Land

It is hard for many to accept that the land could have been barren and desolate in the time of cavemen. We tend to think that being barren and desolate is the result of man’s folly and interference with the natural order of things. But what most don’t understand is the time of the cavemen was such a period. It wasn’t before any human enterprise, but a fallen world after a great disaster, natural or man-made. There were great civilizations and great cities that were destroyed leaving only a few alive to live as primitive cavemen.


It’s not clear what the author of this section of the Kolbrin Bible meant by wilderness, which he says nothing divided from the swampland. I would think swampland is a type of wilderness, though it could also be a forest, desert, etc. In any case, it clearly means some type of undeveloped land. Undeveloped to the extent that it wasn’t even used for grazing land or for farming. But as I pointed out above, there were civilizations before the cavemen that were destroyed. This wilderness, then, might have been land that once was used by man before the destruction that turned civilized people into cave-dwelling barbarians.

No Cities

At this time of cavemen, there were no cities, no farms, no artificial waterways to channel water where men wanted it. But it does not say that this had always been the case. There is nothing here that denies that such things did exist in the distant past.

Sun Servant

This Desolation of the cave dwellers was ended by the arrival of some being called the Servant of the Sun in the quote. We get no further definitions ow who this sun servant might be. We do not even know that he was human, although we can reasonably assume that he was. This Sun Servant taught people how to farm, how to form communities, how to work together, and many other things. He sounds like a great genius, but that is not what he was. He was not an intellectual genius, but an awakened spiritual person. A fully awakened spiritual person. By being so awakened, he knew many things that others did not know and so taught them. How did he get to be like that?

Serving the Sun

As the name given to this being in the quote implies, this sun servant served the sun in some way. At least that is how those affected saw it. In fact, he didn’t serve the sun, he served God. But he used the light of God coming from the sun to awaken his dormant spiritual faculties. And he continued to communicate with higher consciousness and the beings that dwell in spiritual realms by turning to the sun and using it as an intermediary. This gave foolish people the idea that he worshiped the sun as a god. That was not the case. Looking to the sun to connect with God is no more worshiping the sun than is going to a church to connect with God worshiping the church building.

Returned to His Father

The quote says that after a time, this Sun Servant left the people he had helped and returned to his father. It seems to imply that this father was the sun being seen as a god in itself. That, however, is not accurate. He didn’t return to the sun when he returned to the father. He returned to the realms of spirit. He went to Heaven and joined with God.

Sons of the Sun

When this Sun Servant departed, he told the people not to weep at his leaving because the sun would adopt them as his children. Again, this is looking at the sun as an actual deity, which it isn’t. It is just an intermediary, a kind of window between heaven and earth. So it is not the sun that adopts, but God. And this sun servant was being generous, if not totally honest, by saying all of these people would be adopted by the sun. This leads to the foolish concept popular today that we need to make no effort to get to Heaven, it is guaranteed us simply by believing. It may be that much like Jesus, what this Sun Servant truly said was that those who did as he did, namely a spiritual form of sun-gazing, would be adopted by God, and this was twisted by his followers to mean they were all adopted. In either case, the truth is no group, no race, no religion, is automatically chosen. We must follow the teachings of the great prophets and develop our spiritual self if we want to go to Heaven. Only those who do that are the chosen.


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