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“Having premised thus much, I now proceed to prove that the dramatic spectacles of the Lesser Mysteries were designed by the ancient theologists, their founders, to signify occultly the condition of the unpurified soul invested with an earthly body, and enveloped in a material and physical nature; or, in other words, to signify that such a soul in the present life might be said to die, as far as it is possible for a soul to die, and that on the dissolution of the present body, while in this state of impurity, it would experience a death still more permanent and profound. That the soul, indeed, till purified by philosophy, suffers death through its union with the body was obvious to the philologist Macrobius, who, not penetrating the secret meaning of the ancients, concluded from hence that they signified nothing more than the present body, by their descriptions of the infernal abodes. But this is manifestly absurd; since it is universally agreed, that all the ancient theological poets and philosophers inculcated the doctrine of a future state of rewards and punishments in the most full and decisive terms; at the same time occultly intimating that the death of the soul was nothing more than a profound union with the ruinous bonds of the body.” ~Thomas Taylor

Condition of the Soul

The ancient mysteries certainly were all about the condition of the soul. They were not intended to improve the mind. Neither were they primarily there to make the body strong and healthy. Both of those things were done to some degree, but they were not the primary purpose of the mysteries. The ancients knew that the spirit and soul were eternal, while the physical body was temporary. They concentrated on the development of the spiritual faculties while most other schools concentrated on the body and intellect.

Unpurified Soul

This expression is based on the belief that souls are sent to earth for training and “purification”. It’s a nice concept, but there is no proof of it. It is accepted by many only because it makes sense from our point of view. But man’s point of view rarely coincides with God’s.

The mystery schools taught a slightly different view. They say that when God says that we had descended into matter and intellect, He took pity on us and send into us a divine soul. This divine soul was intended to save us, to guide us home. As such, it was not defective or impure. If it was, that would be a case of the blind leading the blind. No, this divine soul was already purified. It simply needed to be awakened and developed. It had to mature into divine consciousness.

Soul Death

Some believe that the soul was put into the physical body as a kind of punishment. Some say that being trapped in the body is death to the soul. But there is, in fact, no soul death. The soul is a spirit and cannot die. But just as the many in the past confused a coma for death, the dormant status of the soul when we enter the physical world causes some to think of it as death. But a coma isn’t death, and being dormant isn’t death. It might be considered death if there was no way to revive the soul, but there is.

Spiritual light awakens the soul no matter how deeply it is sleeping. This is the real meaning of a spiritual awakening. Simply becoming aware that matter is not all that exists is the beginning of the awakening process, it isn’t the whole journey.

Freeing the Soul

The apparently dead soul can be awakened from soul death. It can be freed from its apparent prison in flesh.

Practicing a spiritual form of sun gazing, particularly at dawn, can awaken the soul. But it is more involved than simply looking at the sun. Many look at the physical sun with little effect on the soul. Soul death is reversed with the light of the spiritual sun. So when you look to the sun using the safe methods for sun gazing (never stare at the sun), you get benefits for the body and mind, but not necessarily for the soul. It only happens if you attune yourself to the spiritual sun while you are sun-gazing. Raising your frequencies with positive thoughts helps. More advanced practices require training from a legitimate spiritual school.

Once the soul has awakened, it finds that it is not imprisoned in the body. It never was. The soul is infinite spirit. It is not bound or controlled in any way by space and time. So the idea of soul death by being trapped in the body is false. The soul was never really trapped, only dormant. Awaken it, and the apparent soul death ends.

The difficult part after that is getting the soul consciousness to communicate with the brain-mind consciousness. This you want because otherwise, you will never know what the soul knows. You won’t even be sure that it has truly awakened. You also want this communication so that the soul can begin to influence, and eventually control, the ego. The ego is essential to function in the material world, but it needs to be controlled by the divine thinking of the soul. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with a materialistic, or even narcissistic ego. So don’t fret about soul death, cure it and become what you are meant to be.

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