soul death

Soul Death is an Illusion

“Having premised thus much, I now proceed to prove that the dramatic spectacles of the Lesser Mysteries were designed by the ancient theologists, their founders, to signify occultly the condition of the unpurified soul invested with an earthly body, and enveloped in a material and physical nature; or, in other words, to signify that such a soul in the present life might be said to die, as far as it is possible for a soul to die, and that on the dissolution of the present body, while in this state of impurity, it would experience a death still more permanent and profound. That the soul, indeed, till purified by philosophy, suffers death through its union with the body was obvious to the philologist Macrobius, who, not penetrating the secret meaning of the ancients, concluded from hence that they signified nothing more than the present body, by their descriptions of the infernal abodes. But this is manifestly absurd; since it is universally agreed, that all the ancient theological poets and philosophers inculcated the doctrine of a future state of rewards and punishments in the most full and decisive terms; at the same time occultly intimating that the death of the soul was nothing more than a profound union with the ruinous bonds of the body.” ~Thomas Taylor

Condition of the Soul

The ancient mysteries certainly were all about the condition of the soul. They were not intended to improve the mind. Neither were they primarily there to make the body strong and healthy. Both of those things were done to some degree, but they were not the primary purpose of the mysteries. The ancients knew that the spirit and soul were eternal, while the physical body was temporary. They concentrated on the development of the spiritual faculties while most other schools concentrated on the body and intellect.

Unpurified Soul

This expression is based on the belief that souls are sent to earth for training and “purification”. It’s a nice concept, but there is no proof of it. It is accepted by many only because it makes sense from our point of view. But man’s point of view rarely coincides with God’s.

The mystery schools taught a slightly different view. They say that when God says that we had descended into matter and intellect, He took pity on us and send into us a divine soul. This divine soul was intended to save us, to guide us home. As such, it was not defective or impure. If it was, that would be a case of the blind leading the blind. No, this divine soul was already purified. It simply needed to be awakened and developed. It had to mature into divine consciousness.

Soul Death

Some believe that the soul was put into the physical body as a kind of punishment. Some say that being trapped in the body is death to the soul. But there is, in fact, no soul death. The soul is a spirit and cannot die. But just as the many in the past confused a coma for death, the dormant status of the soul when we enter the physical world causes some to think of it as death. But a coma isn’t death, and being dormant isn’t death. It might be considered death if there was no way to revive the soul, but there is.

Spiritual light awakens the soul no matter how deeply it is sleeping. This is the real meaning of a spiritual awakening. Simply becoming aware that matter is not all that exists is the beginning of the awakening process, it isn’t the whole journey.

Freeing the Soul

The apparently dead soul can be awakened from soul death. It can be freed from its apparent prison in flesh.

Practicing a spiritual form of sun gazing, particularly at dawn, can awaken the soul. But it is more involved than simply looking at the sun. Many look at the physical sun with little effect on the soul. Soul death is reversed with the light of the spiritual sun. So when you look to the sun using the safe methods for sun gazing (never stare at the sun), you get benefits for the body and mind, but not necessarily for the soul. It only happens if you attune yourself to the spiritual sun while you are sun-gazing. Raising your frequencies with positive thoughts helps. More advanced practices require training from a legitimate spiritual school.

Once the soul has awakened, it finds that it is not imprisoned in the body. It never was. The soul is infinite spirit. It is not bound or controlled in any way by space and time. So the idea of soul death by being trapped in the body is false. The soul was never really trapped, only dormant. Awaken it, and the apparent soul death ends.

The difficult part after that is getting the soul consciousness to communicate with the brain-mind consciousness. This you want because otherwise, you will never know what the soul knows. You won’t even be sure that it has truly awakened. You also want this communication so that the soul can begin to influence, and eventually control, the ego. The ego is essential to function in the material world, but it needs to be controlled by the divine thinking of the soul. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with a materialistic, or even narcissistic ego. So don’t fret about soul death, cure it and become what you are meant to be.

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hunger for reality

Hunger For Reality Can Be Satisfied

“It is doubtful whether any two selves have offered themselves exactly the same image of the truth outside their gates: for a living metaphysic, like a living religion, is at bottom a strictly personal affair—a matter, as William James reminded us, of vision rather than of argument. Nevertheless, such a living metaphysic may—and if sound generally does—escape the stigma of subjectivism by outwardly stretching itself to a traditional school; as personal religion may and should outwardly attach itself to a traditional church. Let us then consider shortly the results arrived at by these traditional schools. …

“The most obvious and generally accepted explanation of the world is Naturism, or naive realism. …Naturism states simply that we see the real world, though we may not see it very well. It congratulates itself on resting in the concrete; it accepts material things as real. …

“Such an attitude as this may be a counsel of prudence, in view of our ignorance of all that lies beyond: but it can never satisfy our hunger for reality.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Image of Truth

It is very likely true that each of us has their own image of what the physical world is. However, that doesn’t mean there are many different physical realities, each of them real. It means that we each interpret the reality differently, but it is only one reality. While it is true, according to quantum physics, that the observer affects the observed, it is but a mask of reality that is observed, and it is only that mask which is altered by the observer. The actual reality is not affected.

A Living Metaphysic

I agree with Underhill that a valid metaphysical philosophy must be a living one. Religion also must be living. That means that all religious truth cannot be locked up in a book, the Bible, Koran, Upanishads, or any other. The books can only hold a temporary truth. In a living religion, things change. Likewise, a metaphysical philosophy cannot be locked up in a book, tablet, or ancient scroll. While we can find much of value in them, a living reality constantly changes, so the philosophies must be able to change as well. Such changes are never drastic, yet they are real. So a living metaphysical philosophy is one based as much on actual experience as on books and scrolls.


Naturism is the philosophy that says what we see around us is essentially reality. While there may be some slight distortion or things that we can’t see, what is see is what is there. At least, that is what it generally meant when Ms. Underhill wrote of it and that is the definition we will go by for this article. Today, it is more often considered a synonym for nudism.

Today we talk of Materialism and Pantheism as being essentially the same as what was called Naturism. Materialists believe that matter is reality and the only reality. There is no spirit worlds or invisible worlds beyond matter. They may believe in a god, but it has to be a material being of some sort. Pantheists believe not only that the physical world is the one and only real world, but that it is divinity itself. The universe of matter is their god. A Naturist could be part of either philosophy today.

Hunger for Reality

Despite the firm belief by many in these forms of materialism, the hunger for reality remains. Many feel that there must be something more to life than what they are experiencing, or aware of with their physical senses.

The more materialistic among them may feel that it is a lack of material possessions that causes this hunger. They then make all possible effort to collect as much matter around them as possible, often throwing ethics and morality out the door in the process. Yet despite the accumulation of matter that is the envy of many a black hole, they still feel as if something is missing.

The more fanciful among them are often found in Facebook spiritual groups expressing the idea that they are Starseeds, aliens from planet X, or just asking “Am I the only one who thinks he doesn’t belong on Earth?”. That question generally gets dozens of “No, me too” type of responses. But no matter the approach, the hunger for reality remains.

Fill the Void

People try many different ways to fill the void, the emptiness they feel. Greed is just one false path taken by many. Another is sex. Making frequent sexual encounters, often casual sex with no commitments may feel good when you’re doing it, but just like collecting material goods, collecting sex partners never solves the problem and the void remains. And sex addiction, whether with one partner or many, depletes your supply of life energy preventing you from rising to something higher, something that can satisfy that hunger for reality.

The only thing that can truly fill the void and satisfy the hunger for reality is a spiritual awakening. The recognition that there is more to reality than matter is the starting point. You do have to accept that as a possibility, of course. If you can’t at least be open-minded about it, you will never find the truth. But once you have accepted that a spiritual realm might exist and that you can awaken your own spiritual faculties to allow you to experience those realms, you are on your way to satisfying the hunger for reality.

Many spiritual schools today teach that the only way to awaken those faculties is with meditation. While there is nothing wrong with practicing meditation, the idea that it is the only or even the best, way to awaken the spirit and soul is debatable. Nearly all spiritual people recognize the concept of a third eye, a spiritual eye which is usually believed to be the pineal gland. This tiny gland in the brain is activated with light. That is a known fact. Does meditation fill that gland with light? No, it does not. So something else is needed. That something has become popularized as “Sun Gazing”. But not all sun gazing is equal. Snakes and birds look at the sun but never become spiritual. You have to look at it in the right way and with the right attitude. In short, you have to attune to the proper frequencies. Then sun gazing can awaken those spiritual faculties and satisfy that hunger for reality. The awakened all know that the spiritual is reality because it is permanent and not veiled. The material is constantly changing and is temporary. So awaken to the permanent world of spirit.

eye of the soul

Eye of the Soul and the Inner Sun

“In the middle of the human brain there is the so-called flying eye of the soul or the inner Sun of man. If this sun is not shining in man, there can become nothing of him. It plays the role of a transformer in the human organism. When the energy from without penetrates the human brain, the junction or eye of the soul transfers the energy throughout the whole organism. It possesses other feature also besides transforming the solar energy. There is another transformer within the brain which transfers the solar energy throughout the whole body. On the proper functioning of these energies depend the state of health of the organism as well as of feelings.

“Even in cloudy weather you should go out before the sunrise and concentrate your thought in the direction of the rising Sun. The clouds only obscure your sight of the Sun, but its energies penetrate through them. No external force is able to counteract the solar energies. … The dawn gives man such energies which no other power is able to give him.” ~Biensa Douno

Flying Eye of the Soul

While Douno doesn’t actually say it, most of us know that this flying eye of the soul is the pineal gland. Whether or not it has any direct connection to the soul is debatable. What is known is that the pineal gland takes in sunlight which can when directed properly, awaken the sleeping spirit and soul. It also energizes the body’s energy centers, often called Chakras. There are other benefits to the body and the mind in taking in sunlight at dawn, but our concern is with the spiritual.

Inner Sun

Douno says this Eye of the Soul is also the inner sun of man. This is a reasonably accurate expression. It may, however, lead people to think that it generates energy rather than taking it in and distributing it. They figure that the sun sends energy out, it doesn’t take it in. But that is not true. All the stars in the galaxy send and receive energy from each other. And in sharing their energy, they also share their knowledge. And our inner sun, our eye of the soul, must take in energy in order to send it out. Unlike the sun in the sky, it can’t generate any significant amount of energy on its own. It has to take in energy from the sun. Then it can share it with the body and spirit. Continue reading “Eye of the Soul and the Inner Sun”

before creation

Before Creation There Was Light

“Within the Apocryphon of John, A Gnostic text, there is a myth that can be easily deconstructed so that the structure can be found and the logical model discovered. The main focus of the story is pre-creation, for great care is taken to name many of the beings created by Yaldebaoth and to explain the nature of the universe before the creation of the physical world. Adam and Eve’s difficulties are also discussed and ‘for those who have ears to hear’ it provides a matrix for life within the world.

“Before the material world came in existence, according to this text, there was Light:

“he is immeasurable light, which is pure, holy (and) immaculate. He is ineffable, being perfect in incorruptibility. He is not in perfection, nor in blessedness, nor in divinity, but he is far superior. He is not corporeal nor is he incorporeal. He is neither large, nor is he small. …

“From Light there came a series of Emanations, non-corporeal cosmic beings in male-female pairs. Within the Light itself there were three especially important beings: the Father, the Mother and the Son. Beneath the trinity, there is a kind of creative ‘soup’ consisting of Water, Darkness, the Abyss, and Chaos (four common elements of many pre-creation stories) within which the Trinity exists.” ~Bernard Simon

Truth of Myth

I’ve said this before, but it needs to be repeated since the tale in the quote is called a myth. A myth is not a fairy tale. It is not fantasy or the hallucinations of a deranged mind. It is truth given in the form of an allegorical tale. This is done partly to make it easy to remember and partly to hide the true meaning from those who would misuse the truth for materialistic ends.

Before Creation

To many, it seems a contradiction to speak of a time before creation, even if you limit it to before creation of the physical universe. But it isn’t a contradiction. There was existence before matter and there will be one long after matter is gone. For simplicity, we can simply call this the spiritual universe. In reality, it is more complicated. There are, in fact, nine primary dimensions of reality. Three of them are primarily matter, six are mostly spirit, with the top two or three being all spirit. Those spiritual dimensions exist without the limitations of space and time, therefore, they existed long before the universe of matter limited by time and space. But even these dimensions, except for the highest, were created also. Therefore, to say they existed “before creation,” means before the creation of the physical universe. In truth, these spiritual dimensions are the only real creation. The physical universe is a distortion of spirit. It is a kind of cancer or tumor growing out of the realm of spirit. And as with any other disease, it needs to be cured, and it will be cured.

There Was Light

Mr. Simon says that before the creation of the material universe, there was Light. This Light cannot be something physical if it existed before the creation of the physical. Therefore, it had to be spiritual light. Simon then starts talking about this Light as if it were an entity, an intelligent being. While he doesn’t say it, this being could only be God. So he is equating God with Light.

God is associated with Light in virtually all religions. God is the source of Light. God is the creator of Light. The first creation was light, but the spiritual Light existed before creation. But it is unusual to say outright that God is Light, yet it is true. It is also true to say that God is the highest level of consciousness. But Light is the carrier of knowledge and consciousness. So consciousness is God, Light is God. It is all the same thing.

On the other side, the Devil, Satin, or the Demiurge, the creator of matter is also the head of the realm of Darkness. But nowhere does it say that darkness existed before creation, only Light. It was the creation of matter, illusion, and lies that created darkness. Remember, darkness isn’t really a thing of itself. Darkness is simply the absence of Light. So the world created by the Demiurge is missing some—perhaps most—of its natural, Divine Light. That is what makes it dark.

There are many who say that light cannot exist without darkness. That is simply untrue. Fire can exist without water. White can exist without black. Light can exist without darkness. In fact, until the Great Fall symbolized in the Bible by the story of Adam and Eve, what existed was a world of Light without darkness. And the universe that existed before creation will return as this fallen realm is transformed back into its original form. We can aid in that transformation, if we choose. To choose to help makes one part of the Chosen of God, the Bringers of Light. Make the smart choice.