musical sensibility

“One needs to sing with inspiration. By singing beautifully, one also perceives beautiful thoughts and feelings. When you listen to talented singers and musicians, you make a connection with advanced Beings who manifest themselves through them. The vibrations of these beings penetrate far into space through the voices of these singers and are uplifting to human souls. Few are the songs that are carried through space. Seldom is when an ancient Egyptian song can be received. A song or musical piece that doesn’t remain in space is not true music.

“The subconsciousness, the consciousness, the ego consciousness, and the Higher consciousness should all participate in the singing. Those who want to sing well need to be calm within. If you sustain negative thoughts and feelings within yourselves, you cannot sing or play an instrument. Technically, you can play and sing, but not with your soul.

“Wisdom makes use of music. From now on the world of music belongs to Wisdom. Performance, which is the external aspect of music, cannot be manifested without Wisdom.

“Music is a great art. … Sublime beings apply music readily, whereas it is much harder for ordinary people to apply music. … The more advanced a person’s musical sensibility, the more stable his character.” ~Biensa Douno

Sing with Inspiration

Part of musical sensibility is to sing with inspiration. Of course, all musicians and composers will probably say that they are always inspired. In a way, that might be true, but not in the sense Douno means.

A musician can see a person running to catch a bus and be inspired by that vision to write a song. A popular singer can break up with her latest boyfriend and be inspired to write about it. But that is not the type of inspiration needed.

Douno is talking about music that is Divinely Inspired. This can happen in one of three ways. First, the musician or composer can be an awakened soul and inspired through their own spiritual knowledge. That is the best way to be inspired. A musician might also be inspired through a spiritual being putting ideas in their head, the classic “muse” method. Or third, another person who is divinely Inspired might give an idea to the musician to use. All of these methods are good, but as already noted, being divinely inspired by your own spiritual experiences is best.

Beautiful Thoughts for Beautiful Art

Musical sensibility means that we try to practice singing, composing, or any other art when we have a positive. Creating works of art while, angry, depressed, jealous, etc., will almost always produce bad results. Yes, I know many modern works of supposedly great art have come from negativity, and horrors such as wars and plagues, but in a spiritual sense, these arts are not great, for they normalize the evil of the world.

Spiritual art is always inspired by the beautiful things of the world. Things like a beautiful face, beautiful flowers, or better yet, those who are beautiful inside. Being filled with kindness, joy, and peace will produce better music, better art, than negativity.

There is always a plague of some sort happening in the physical world. That is the nature of this realm. But we don’t have to embrace it and become part of it. We can climb above it, soar like an eagle, and bring beauty and grace into the world. That is the kind of creativity God wants us to exercise.

Consciousness and More Consciousness

Douno says that “ The subconsciousness, the consciousness, the ego-consciousness, and the Higher consciousness should all participate” in the singing or music-making in order for it to have correct musical sensibility. I’m not sure we can divide consciousness so easily into compartments like mailboxes at a hotel. Yet he does have a good point. The best music will be produced when we work on it at all levels of our being. It is not easy to do so. I think that when you get your regular consciousness connected with higher consciousness, you can rest assured that your art will be divinely inspired.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people cannot access any of the higher levels of consciousness. That is because these levels do not communicate with us through the brain but through the soul. They can only communicate through the soul when it is awakened. As long as the soul remains dormant, it cannot communicate with higher domains, nor share any communications with the regular consciousness. So awakening the soul is necessary for developing musical sensibility, as well as all other spiritual activities.

Musical Sensibility

Mr. Douno puts together all these positive aspects of beautiful and positive music and song under the title “Musical Sensibility.” That seems to me a good title to use for it. It is sensible music because it accomplishes the things for which music was invented.

While no one can say exactly when, or by who, music was invented, I think most agree that music started as an expression of joy. A happy person, even one who had not yet developed a real language, could produce happy and harmonious sounds when something has produced joy in his primitive mind. It may even, in fact, been this primitive music that communicated to others the things that would make them joyful. A primitive song may have told others that a new source of food had been found. Or it may have told them that this person had found a mate. Over time, the songs became more sophisticated so they could communicate better. It may be that language was developed largely in an effort to improve the music of the primitives. Now that is a real musical sensibility!

Douno says that the person who has advanced musical sensibility will have a more stable personality. That is true, but it is a two-way street. As one develops his musical sensibility, he improves his mental and spiritual personality. But it is also true that developing the personality in a positive way will improve one’s musical sensibility. And what is true of music is also true of most other arts.


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