glorious light

“Light reveals the glories of the external world and yet is the most glorious of them all. It gives beauty, reveals beauty and is itself most beautiful. It is the analyzer, the truth-teller and the exposer of shams, for it shows things as they are. Its infinite streams measure off the universe and flow into our telescopes from stars which are quintillions of miles distance. On the other hand it descends to objects inconceivably small, and reveals through the microscope object fifty millions of times less than can be seen by the naked eye. Like all other fine forces, the movement is wonderfully soft, yet penetrating and powerful. Without its verifying influence, vegetable, animal, and human life must immediately perish from the earth, and general ruin take place. We shall do well, then, to consider this potential and beautiful principle of light and its component colors, for the more deeply we penetrate into its inner laws, the more will it present itself as a marvelous storehouse of power to vitalize, heal, refine, and delight mankind.” ~Edwin D. Babbitt

Glorious Light

The quote is from a book that was published over one hundred years ago. It is surprising, in a way, that Mr. Babbitt understood light so well when few others did. Today, research has shown that not only was he correct, but that light is even more amazing and more powerful than he thought.

Universe of Glorious Light

After decades of study and experimentation, quantum physicists have come to the conclusion that our apparently solid universe of matter is a total illusion. It is actually nothing more than a hologram made entirely of light. That deserves to be repeated: the material universe is just light! The chair you are sitting on is a ball of light. The computer (or cell phone) you are reading this on is a ball of light. You are a ball of glorious light.

One thing we have to understand about holograms. A hologram is a lot like a mirror. It is a reflection of something real. Something more real than the reflection. So the physical universe, if we accept that it is a hologram, must be a reflection of something else. That something else is the eternal universe of spirit. To be more accurate, there are nine primary dimensions to the total universe. The physical dimension is a reflection of higher ones that are spiritual. But here is the catch: the spiritual realms are made of light also! They are made of light that is more properly called glorious light that its dimmer cousin found on the level of matter. So we could say that the physical universe is a reflection of the Glorious Light of Heaven and God, the source of all light and all reality.

Glorious Light Above and Below

Babbitt points out that with telescopes, we can see light coming from stars billions of miles away, yet we can also see very small things in a microscope with the help of light also. That is true. Light can be found at all levels. As above, so below.

The curious thing about light is that for many years scientists argued about whether it was a wave or a particle. Now that we can magnify greatly and photograph things moving very fast, the unexpected answer has come in. Light is both a wave and a particle. It seems that it is a when of potential when unobserved, but become particles with definite locations when it is observed. And if we accept that the universe of matter is a hologram made of light, then the entire universe consists of potentials until observation makes things take form. Glorious light indeed!

Penetrating and Powerful

The Glorious Light is penetrating and powerful. This is even more true of spiritual light than it is of physical light. If you have ever been SCUBA diving or rode a submarine, you know that light can penetrate very deeply into water. Some colors are blocked sooner than others, but it all penetrates to some degree. But physical light can be easily blocked. Being inside a cave, building, or just covered with a heavy tarp can block nearly all of it. But that is not true of the spiritual light that comes to us from the spiritual sun, or Sun of Righteousness. That light passes through clouds, buildings, even stone and into caves. The physical cannot block the spiritual, period. On the other hand, if we are not willing to accept that light and benefit from it, it will have very little effect on us. But we can make the effort to attune ourselves to it, to accept it with gratitude, and to mentally pledge to use that light for the benefit of all. Then the glorious light will have the maximum effect on us.


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