fruitless trees

“Jesus said to them, ‘Why are you troubled? Amen I say to you, all the priests standing before the altar proclaim my name. Again I say to you, my name has been set down in writing in the generations of the stars through the human generations. They operate, planting trees that bear no fruit, shamefully, and do so in my name.’He went on, ‘Those whom you’ve seen presenting offerings before the altar, they are the ones you are. That is the god you serve, and you are those twelve men you also saw. Cattle you saw brought in for sacrifice mirror the many people you lead astray before that same altar. The ruler of the world will stand, using my name in such a way, and generations of those with faith and piety stand loyal by him. Yet after him another man will stand before you from the fornicators, another from the child-slayers, another from those who sleep with men, from those who keep the fast, and from all the others, from among the people of pollution, lawlessness, and error. Some say, ‘We are like angels.’ They are stars bringing an end to all. And to this generation’s human beings it is announced, ‘Look, now god has received your sacrifice from a priest’s hands,’ meaning a minister of error. But it is the lord of the universe who commands and speaks. On the last day they will be shamed and punished.

‘Stop sacrificing what you have on the altar, since they command over your stars, over your angels, and already have reached their conclusion there.” ~Gospel of Judas

Generations of the Stars

Jesus said his name was set down in the generations of stars. The people of that age probably had little idea how long a star lasted, but today we know that the life of a star is measured in billions of years. And Jesus said his name was known by generations of stars, so many billions of years. How is that possible when we know that Jesus lived a short life? It is possible because when he said that he was speaking as the spirit Christ, not the man Jesus. Jesus may have been thirty years old when he said that, but Christ was billions of years old, having existed before time, before matter.

He also says His name was “set down in writing” through the human generations. Again, He is talking as Christ, who is eternal. But He is also saying that Christ, by one name or another, was known to all generations of man. Throughout all of human history, there has been a Messiah, a Savior, a Light to turn to. Christ brings us that Light. Yet He tells us to turn to the Father and pray to the Father, not to Him. Sadly, few Christians today listen to what He said.

Fruitless Trees

Jesus also says there are priests who proclaim His name, yet plant trees that bear no fruit. Did any priests in those days proclaim the name of Jesus? Of course not. Most of them didn’t even know that Jesus existed. And those that did, didn’t much like this wandering preacher pulling Jews away from the temple and from the control of the priests. No, what they proclaimed was the coming of a Messiah. But they had altered the definition of Messiah so greatly that most were expecting a great and powerful warrior to come to smite their enemies and put the Jews in power. No real prophet ever taught that. The Essenes never taught that. Jesus definitely filled the requirements for the Messiah expected by the Essenes, but not for the warrior prince expected by others.

So when Jesus says these priests were planting fruitless trees, He is speaking in allegory. He means that the things the priests of the temple, now under control of the Roman Governor, were teaching was false and would never happen. Unlike today, where many are now accepting the idea that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth, Jesus said no matter how many times the priests taught lies, those trees would never bear fruit. And the majority of priests, ministers, and spiritual gurus today still plant those same fruitless trees.

Offerings Before The Altar

Jesus added that those who present offerings before the altar in the temple are among those who plant fruitless trees. They sacrificed innocent animals by the hundreds in a temple that was built as a monument to eternal life, not death. And Jesus added that the people were led astray before that same altar. So he is saying that this sacrificing of innocent beings is not at all what God wants. Not the loving God that Jesus taught of, anyway. The false, angry, jealous god may have wanted blood sacrifice, but the real God certainly did not.

The one instance recorded in the Bible of Jesus becoming angry was when He went into the temple courtyard and saw the money changers and animal vendor with cages full of animals to be sacrificed. He knocked over the tables of the money changes and opened the cages of the animals releasing many of them. Most Christians today interpret this as meaning that Jesus was opposed to commerce at the temple. While that is certainly part of it, He was even more opposed to the killing of animals in God’s name. Jesus was not one of the fruitless trees.

We Are Like Angels

Yes, in the time of Jesus, there were many who claimed they were “like angels”. They prayed publicly so all would know how holy they were. They send many animals from their flocks to be sacrificed on the now-demonic alter in the temple. They may even have believed themselves to be angelic. Yet they cheated in their business dealings, fought in wars, and otherwise ignored rules that didn’t suit them. They were hardly angelic beings. They were more like those fruitless trees.

Today, this is not only true of those who attend traditional churches, but also of many who join spiritual schools, or simply declare themselves to be spiritual. Those in the churches say they are the chosen of God and will survive the coming judgment day. They are laughed at by the spiritual ones who all claim to be fully “awakened” with little justification, or even any knowledge of what it meant to be truly awakened as taught in the ancient mystery schools. More fruitless trees.

If we truly want to be spiritual and angelic, we have to stop listening to ministers and gurus who are more concerned with making piles of money than saving souls. Instead, we should follow the methods taught by the ancients and a few modern spiritual schools to truly awaken and gain knowledge and wisdom through direct experience. Then we become fruitful trees rather than fruitless ones.


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