eye of the soul

“In the middle of the human brain there is the so-called flying eye of the soul or the inner Sun of man. If this sun is not shining in man, there can become nothing of him. It plays the role of a transformer in the human organism. When the energy from without penetrates the human brain, the junction or eye of the soul transfers the energy throughout the whole organism. It possesses other feature also besides transforming the solar energy. There is another transformer within the brain which transfers the solar energy throughout the whole body. On the proper functioning of these energies depend the state of health of the organism as well as of feelings.

“Even in cloudy weather you should go out before the sunrise and concentrate your thought in the direction of the rising Sun. The clouds only obscure your sight of the Sun, but its energies penetrate through them. No external force is able to counteract the solar energies. … The dawn gives man such energies which no other power is able to give him.” ~Biensa Douno

Flying Eye of the Soul

While Douno doesn’t actually say it, most of us know that this flying eye of the soul is the pineal gland. Whether or not it has any direct connection to the soul is debatable. What is known is that the pineal gland takes in sunlight which can when directed properly, awaken the sleeping spirit and soul. It also energizes the body’s energy centers, often called Chakras. There are other benefits to the body and the mind in taking in sunlight at dawn, but our concern is with the spiritual.

Inner Sun

Douno says this Eye of the Soul is also the inner sun of man. This is a reasonably accurate expression. It may, however, lead people to think that it generates energy rather than taking it in and distributing it. They figure that the sun sends energy out, it doesn’t take it in. But that is not true. All the stars in the galaxy send and receive energy from each other. And in sharing their energy, they also share their knowledge. And our inner sun, our eye of the soul, must take in energy in order to send it out. Unlike the sun in the sky, it can’t generate any significant amount of energy on its own. It has to take in energy from the sun. Then it can share it with the body and spirit.

Energy Transformer

This Eye of the Soul is, as Douno says, a transformer. It transforms the light energy from the sun into forms that can be used by the body and soul. It is, in a sense, a lot like a plant turning sunlight and carbon dioxide into food for itself. But the greatest transformation takes place when we share some of that energy by sending it out to others who haven’t yet learned how to take it in themselves. We take in this light in a neutral form, but it doesn’t have to be neutral when we send it out. Quantum physics has proved that light carries information. When we send that light out of us, we can fill it with positive thoughts such as love, joy, and forgiveness. Then it is no longer neutral. It has been transformed from a simple light to light that spreads knowledge. But as Douno notes, this depends to some degree on our health and feelings. That is primarily because it is difficult to embed positive thoughts into that light when you are ill, in pain, or depressed. So taking care of our physical and mental self benefits our ability to have a fully functioning eye of the soul.

Cloudy Weather

Simply because the sky is cloudy and you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from sun gazing at dawn. The frequencies of energy that activate the eye of the soul are easily able to pass through clouds. In fact, they can pass through almost anything. Of course, how much of an effect they will have on you depends on how readily you accept those rays.

Alternatively, you can wait until ten or fifteen minutes after sunrise to do your sun-gazing, but no more than an hour. You can also do it in the evening just before sunset. While this isn’t as good as the dawn, it is a close second. Never do sun gazing in the middle of the day, even if it is cloudy. But feed your eye of the soul regularly, even if it is cloudy or cold.


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