two suns

“People expect the Sun to rise so that they can enjoy its light and heat. According to me it does not matter it it is only the external Sun which has risen if the outer sun has risen but the inner human Sun has not done so, nothing is gained. It is a significant moment when the rising of the outer Sun corresponds to the rising of the inner Sun. This is a real sunrise. … There is no greater joy than seeing both within and without. Great is the joy of the human being and of the whole of heaven when all people on earth understand and know their creator. …

“When a man raises his hands with palms towards the Sun this may warm his whole body since the warmth moves all around the body along the nerves.

“There are two currents, two kinds of energies. When the solar energy the leaves develop well, the branches grow—there is a growth upward. When the current of the earth is stronger, then the roots develop well.” ~Biensa Douno

Two Suns Rising

I often write about two suns: the physical and the spiritual. But here Douno is speaking of a different pair of suns: the inner and the outer. The outer sun is, of course, that one shining in the sky. The inner sun is the pineal gland, often called the third eye. But this inner sun has two natures just as does the outer sun. The pineal gland is also the location of a spiritual energy center. So we are really talking about four suns, two physical and two spiritual.

Two Suns Rising Together

What Douno means when he says that it is best if both suns rise together, is that sun gazing has limited benefits if the inner sun, the pineal gland, is not as open to it as the body and mind.

Snakes gaze at the sun. So do frogs and some birds. But they do not awaken their souls by doing so. That is partly because they are incapable of doing it with an open inner sun. They do so with no intent of growth, especially spiritual growth. Humans are different. We are capable of intent. We can visualize that light of the external sun, both the physical and spiritual, entering our eyes and filling our pineal so it opens like the lotus that is often used to represent it.

Hands to the Sun

We have two suns and two hands. If you look at ancient paintings and statues of priests, priestesses, and holy men, they are often depicted facing the rising sun with both hands held up. This is a spiritual technique that has benefits.

While we take in sunlight primarily through the eyes, we can also do it through the hands. When both hands are held up, we create a complete circuit. One hand takes in the energy from the sun. The other sends energy back to the sun. Those of us who know electrical circuits know that electricity flows freely only when such a complete circuit is provided. The same thing is true of humans. We have energy flowing through us all the time. Sometimes that energy flows freely and abundantly. Most of the time, however, it is restricted in various ways. Acupuncture is one well-known way to remove blockages to the energy flow in the body. But many of the ancients knew other ways, including this simple process of holding out both hands while practicing sun gazing. This is effective on both the physical level and the spiritual.

Two Suns and Two Currents

Much as with the two suns, it may be an oversimplification to say there are two currents. It would, perhaps, be more accurate to say there are two types of currents flowing. We could say a negative current and a positive one. Or an upward current and a downward one.

When it comes to human development, especially spiritual development, there are currents that encourage spiritual growth, and those that oppose it. One set of currents tries to pull us towards the spiritual worlds from which we long-ago fell. The other set is the very currents that pulled us into the material realm to began with. They are still operating after billions of years. But like the Native American tale of the two wolves, we can, to some degree, control how these opposing currents affect us. The one that will affect us most is the one we “feed”. In this case, “feed” meaning the one we assist, we one we desire. Hopefully, it is one of spiritual growth that we pursue. And the light flowing from the two suns will help in that effort if we turn to it with the right attitude.


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