two Gods

“The personal creator who appears in genesis does not possess the characteristics of the ultimate, transcendental ‘ground of being’ of which many mystics of man religions speak. If the God of Genesis has any reality at all, it must be a severely limited reality, one characterized by at least some measure of foolishness and blindness. While the concept of two Gods is horrifying to the monotheistically conditioned mind, it is not illogical or improbable. Modern theologians, particularly Paul Tillich, have boldly referred to ‘the God above God’. Tillich introduced the term ‘ground of being’ as alternative language to express the divine. The ideas of the old Gnostics seem not so outdated after all.

“The noted scholar of Gnosticism, G. Filoramo, wrote: Jung’s reflections had long been immersed in the thought of the ancient Gnostics to such an extent that he considered them the virtual discoverers of ‘depth psychology’. …

“In the light of such recognition one may ask: ‘Is Gnosticism a religion or a psychology?’ The answer is that it may very well be both.” ~Stephan Hoeller

The God of Genesis

It has long been a problem for many Christians that the God of Genesis seems to be nothing like the loving “Father” described by Jesus. They generally get the answer that God is very complex and beyond human understanding. This is unsatisfying to many, but others accept it.

But then those Christian who actually read and contemplate what the Bible says find that the differences between the old testament and the new are so profound that they wonder why both are in one book. The God of the Old Testament demands sacrifice, gets, jealous, throws tantrums like a spoiled child, etc. This is not at all like the loving, forgiving, and tolerant Father God Jesus taught of.

Two Gods of Gnosticism

The Gnostics have a solution to this dilemma. In my opinion, the only solution that works and is logical. That solution is this: The God of the material world described in Genesis is not the same being as the God of the spiritual worlds that Jesus, Buddha, and other great spiritual teachers taught about. The Gnostics call this lower God, or false god, the Demiurge. This lower god is also the group of fallen angels led by Lucifer. The realm of matter is not true creation, it is just a distortion of the permanent realms of spirit. The “god” that created it is not the real God.

The real God does not get jealous. What would He get jealous of? Only the false god gets jealous? The real God is pure spirit and stays out of the realm of matter to avoid pollution of His purity. Yet he still holds sway in this dimension and doesn’t allow the Demiurge a completely free hand. He is patient, but His patience is not limitless. Many believe that it is, but they are wrong.

A Tumor Called Matter

The realm of matter is much like a tumor growing on the body of God. The only thing stopping God from destroying it, or removing and abandoning it, is the many divine souls that are trapped here in human bodies. Yet He cannot allow it to go on forever.

Now you might say: “But wait a minute. The universe of matter is billions of years old, isn’t it? How long then will God wait?” Yes, the universe of matter is billions of years old. But that is nothing compared to the ageless God and the universe of spirit. Yet God will not wait forever any more than you would wait to get a tumor removed from your body. God has no fear, yet doesn’t want to be polluted. He wants all of his creation returned to its original and pristine state. And that has to happen “soon” according to most spiritual wise men. Exactly what soon is, in this case, is not known, but probably no more than a century. It may be much less, however, so don’t think it is something you can put off. We need to be preparing ourselves for this change now. The two Gods will not exist forever. Only the one, true God will.

Why it Matters

So why should it matter to us if there is but one God who created everything, or two Gods who created different universes? It matters because only the true God is permanent, everlasting. The Demiurge, being a false god, is not eternal. Since that “god” isn’t eternal, his creation isn’t eternal.

Wealthy people spend a lot of money on great works of art. Sometimes millions of dollars on a single piece. But they would never do that with an ice sculpture. Some ice sculptures are quite beautiful and complex. But they are temporary. Ice sculptures displayed at parties or on a cruise ship will be gone within a few hours. So to invest in them would be foolhardy. The material realm, and it’s false god, are much the same. Don’t invest in the temporary, no matter how beautiful it may appear to be. Invest in the permanent, invest in spirit. The two Gods are not equal. Work for the real God.


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