sun of righteousness

“The very first time I interacted with the Christ as the Sun while using the over-the-counter medicine, I was sitting on the couch in the usual state of mild euphoria that it allowed me to feel. Suddenly I heard a voice say ‘Jesus’, and then a picture of Christ from the Renaissance period flashed before me. I noticed I was beginning to feel warmer, and then I saw a large yellow disk moving into my internal vision, the space in my mind that some cultures refer to as the third eye. … I heard myself say, ‘this is the sun’, with shock. I continued to become warmer and warmer. … Soon the yellow disk was taking up the entire field of my inner vision with its glowing saffron warmth. … I began to get very scared, and I heard a female voice say, ‘just relax and let it happen’.

“I felt rattled to the core as I sat there still basking in the perfect feeling of warmth and peace that I had just experienced. … This feeling was so wonderful that it immediately made sense to me why Christians referred to their God as the ‘Prince of Peace’; I began to suspect this Sun God had been known this way long before the advent of Christianity as a state religion of Rome in the 4th century.” ~Kerry Wells

The Sun of Righteousness

What Ms. Wells considers a new and unique experience regarding the sun is neither new nor unique. Many have experienced the same thing throughout the ages. But in order to truly understand what this experience is about, we need to know how our subconscious filters and beliefs are affecting it.

In this case, it is clear that Wells has interpreted the experience according to a Christian background. While she says that she was not religious, it is clear that Christian beliefs and filters existed in her subconscious. So what reached her conscious mind was the experience filters by her Christian-oriented subconscious beliefs.

Drugs and Medicine

Wells says she has these experiences with the Sun of Righteousness when she uses an “over-the-counter medicine.” Many others claim to have spiritual experiences when using medication or drugs, legal or otherwise. While this might possibly work, there are several problems with using this method. One is that you can never know for sure if you are experiencing something real or just hallucinating. Another is that even when it is real, the drugs may affect your interpretation of it as much as your subconscious beliefs, if not more. It is as if you are wearing glasses that distort what you see, so while you may be experiencing something wonderful, you are not fully seeing it because of the distortion.

The Third Eye

Ms. Wells says that she felt warm in the space in her mind that some call the third eye. I have actually never heard anyone say that the third eye is a part of the mind. Most say it is the pineal gland. Others see it as an energy center (chakra) located in the upper part of the head. That last one makes the most sense to me since these energy centers are known to be the links between our physical self and our spiritual self, between the physical dimension and the spiritual ones. But here is something most miss: the Sun of Righteousness will energize the pineal gland so that it can function properly. So there is a connection with both the spiritual energy centers and the physical pineal gland.

Relax and Let it Happen

This has been good advice given by spiritual masters throughout the ages. If you resist what is happening, you will lose it. The connection will be broken by ear or anxiety. If we relax and go with it, we can hold onto the experience longer. The Sun of Righteousness wants to awaken us. It can’t if we resist.

Sun God?

We need to straighten this out. The sun is not God. Even the spiritual Sun of Righteousness is not God. It does have God’s essence or presence in it. That is not the same as saying the sun is God. This essence in the Sun of Righteousness is sometimes called the Logos or Christ. But the sun is not Christ either. The spiritual sun is an intermediary between us and God. Not a holy being to be worshiped but a tool to be used.

Christ and Jesus

One final word regarding Christ in the Sun of Righteousness. Wells, like many Christians, uses the names “Christ’ and “Jesus” interchangeably so she sometimes says that Jesus is in the sun. While Jesus was a Christ, the two are not the same. Jesus was a man in whom the Christ spirit dwelt for a time. But that spirit has been in other beings throughout the ages. It is not the property of Jesus, nor of Christianity. The Christ spirit has been in leaders of other religions as well. And we can all awaken the Christ spirit within ourselves using the light of the Sun of Righteousness.



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