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“When all was as yet Chaos three spiritual beings appeared on the stage of future creation: (1) Ame no ani naki nushi no Kami, ‘Divine Monarch of the Central Heaven’; (2) Taka mi onosubi no Kami, ‘Exalted, Imperial Divine offspring of Heaven and the Earth’; and (3) Kamu mi musibi no kami, ‘Offspring of the Gods,’ simply.

“These were without form or substance (our arupa triad), as neither the celestial nor the terrestrial substance had yet differentiated, ‘nor had the essence of anything been formed.’

“In the Zohar, which, as now arranged and reedited by Moses de Leon, with the help of Syrian and Chaldean Christian Gnostics in the XII century, and corrected ad revised still later by many Christian hands, is only a little less exoteric than the Bible itself. …

“Ain-Soph, the ABSOLUTE ENDLESS NO-THING, uses also the form of the ONE, the manifested ‘Heavenly Man’ (the First Cause) as its chariot or vehicle to descend into, and manifest through, in the phenomenal world. But the Kabalists neither make it plain how the ABSOLUTE can use anything, or exercise any attribute whatever, since, as the absolute, it is devoid of attributes; nor do they explain that in reality it is the First Cause (Plato’s Logos) the original and eternal IDEA, that manifests through Adam Kadmon, the second Logos, so to speak.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

When All Was Chaos?

According to Merriam-Webster, Chaos is a state of utter confusion. Business Dictionary says it is random and unpredictable. I don’t think such a state was ever found in the All. Before there were forms, before there were beings, there was organization. It wasn’t random. It was intelligent, pure consciousness. It would be more accurate to say it was unformed or undifferentiated rather than calling it chaos.

Three Spiritual Beings

The Total Consciousness that most of us call God is so complex that we attempt to understand it better by looking at parts or aspects of Him, rather than the whole. Most of us know the Christian trilogy of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the quote, Blavatsky is giving an example of an older, yet similar, triad. Others have more than three gods that are actually just aspects of the one God, or false gods. We can easily equate the three spiritual beings given in the Secret Doctrine to the Christian Trilogy. Divine Monarch is clearly the Father. Imperial Divine Offspring is the son (or child). But how does “Offspring of the Gods” relate to the Holy Spirit?

It may be that “offspring of the Gods” is not accurate. It is more accurate to say this “being” is the power that creates the offspring of the Gods. The Holy Spirit is the power of creation.

Spiritual Beings Without Form

Blavatsky says these three spiritual beings were without form or substance. This sounds impossible to most of us, but it is true nonetheless. God originally existed without a form. It makes sense, therefore, that the three spiritual beings that are aspects of God also were without form or substance. They were like nodes of consciousness, concentrated areas of thought energy. Over time, they condensed into actual forms and substances. Spiritual form and substance, not matter. Spirits do have a form, though it is much more flexible than a physical one. It is something like a liquid that takes the shape of the container it is in. A spirit can take the shape and size of the entire universe or any part of it. But at the same time, spirits do not take up any space or time.

Absolute No-Thing

While the three spiritual beings eventually took form, the original Absolute with no form or substance remains at the highest level of reality. Blavatsky finds it confusing that this absolute could “use anything”. I can’t see why that is a problem. Perhaps she hadn’t yet realized that the absolute is Consciousness, all consciousness. The Absolute merely had to think of something and the appropriate spiritual being would do it. It isn’t like the absolute had to pass its desires on to them. The absolute consciousness and the nearly absolute consciousness of the triad are completely linked. When you decide to pick up an object, your arm doesn’t have to be talked into moving, it just does. The same idea applies here.


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