“It might happen at times when you cannot reconcile with your neighbor. But once you begin to sing, the song within you will awaken the readiness to reconcile. This is the power of music.

“Why does one need to sing? So that one may not lose what one has. You are near the point of attaining something beautiful. Sing, that you may not lose it. Those who sing are strong, and those who do not sing are weak. Sing, because this is what Love requires of you. You need to sing so that you may live. Music is the transmitter of life. No culture can exist without music.

“You need to visit a meeting of the initiates in order to see what king of music is there. You need to be in the presence of these initiates when they are singing, to perceive their deep understanding of music, and to comprehend the real meaning of music. For one to become a student of one of these initiates, one first needs to be knowledgeable of contemporary music. You need to be a very good singer so that when you go to them, you will be able to comprehend their music.

“Once true music permeates the world, there will be no more disease. … When you sing, the Divine World opens to you and you receive Divine Life.” ~Biensa Douno

Singing Vibration

Not all of us are not good singers. My dogs cower under the bed when I do it (just kidding, I’m not that bad). So why does Douno recommend singing as a spiritual discipline? It is because singing is a type of rhythmic vibration. We all know that vibrations can help our spiritual growth. They can also hinder it. It depends on the type of vibration. Low-frequency vibrations are more likely to hinder. High-frequency vibrations help. Likewise, rhythmic vibrations help, whereas discordant vibrations hinder. Since singing is a type of rhythmic vibration that is understood by most of us, it is a good tool to aid us as we develop our spiritual Self.

Sing to Reconcile

Douno says that when we can’t reconcile with our neighbor, singing can help. Not because it changes your neighbor, but because it will put you in a more conciliatory mood. That is great a far as it goes, but there is more. Singing can help us reconcile with ourselves.

Whether we are aware of it, or not, we often need to reconcile within our own mind. Our mind often seems to function like a group of people rather than an individual. One part of your mind wants to go for a walk in the park. Another part is too tired to walk. Still another fears getting mugged in the park. Watching a movie on TV is all the fourth wants to do. Sometimes it is easy to get them all together. Other times it isn’t. But if one of the group starts singing, another will probably join in, then another. Before you know it, they are singing together and that pushes them toward an agreement.

Sing to Remember

The ancient wise ones knew things that they could share with few. Only students of advanced spiritual schools would understand them. Most people either would not understand or would not accept them. But the adepts know that a day would come when many more could understand. So they had to find a way to make people remember these great truths, and pass them on to future generations. They did it by hiding those truths in allegorical form in myths, poetry, and songs. Even today, many will sing a pleasant song even when they don’t understand it. But the time has come when many are beginning to understand.

Different Kinds of Singing

At this point, you may realize that singing is important. Still, you may not be willing to do it anywhere where you might be heard. That is completely understandable. But what Douno says in the quote doesn’t explain that there is more than one way to sing.

First, there is the physical side of it. This can be done in an obvious way with human voices singing. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be your voice. If you would rather listen to a recording of others singing, that will work almost as well as doing it yourself. But don’t listen to hard rock, please. At least not while doing spiritual practices. Use something like Gregorian chants or Enya singing. You could also play a musical instrument. A harp, organ, or flute are good choices. Bells and singing bowls are other possibilities.

But singing doesn’t have to be physical. I’m sure you have experienced the phenomena of finding yourself mentally singing a song you recently heard on the radio or in a movie. You can use that also. But instead of a random song from the radio, use one that helps stimulate your spiritual faculties. Hum, or mentally sing songs that make you happy and relaxed. These are the songs that are likely to help in your spiritual quest. If you’re more visually oriented, imagine an orchestra playing the music is all around you while you do your sun-gazing or other spiritual practices. Happy Singing!


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