“There is no devil worse than falsehood and calumny. Ignorance is a nonentity, but falsehood is the substance of evil. The columniator rejoices whenever he has found something upon which to base his lies and to make them grow like mountains. Opposed to it is the truth, it being a ray of light from the eternal fountain of GOOD, which has the power to transform man into a divine being. …

“Those who are false do not love the truth. Those who are foolish do not love wisdom. The true Rosicrucian prefers to enjoy the company of those who can appreciate truth to that of those who who would trample it with their feet. He will keep that which he knows locked up in his heart, for in silence is power. As a minister in state does not go about telling to everybody the secrets of the king; so the Rosicrucian does not parade before the public the revelations made to him by the king within, who is nobler and wiser than all the earthly kings and princes, for they only rule by the authority and power derived from Him. His secrecy ceases only when the king commands him to speak, for it is then not he who speaks, but the truth that is speaking through him.” ~Franz Hartmann

Devil of Falsehood

Lies are a favorite tool of the devil, and so it is reasonable to say that falsehood is itself, a devil. All falsehood comes from the devil or dark beings. Lies are never a tool of the angels of God or the beings of light. If you find that someone is lying, you can assume that person is doing the devil’s work, intentionally or not.

Why are lies a favorite of the fallen angels known as the devil? Because they created and control the realm of matter. Because the dimension of matter is one of distortion and illusion, it is also the realm ruled by falsehood. So we really don’t need to speak of a devil of falsehood as if there were many devils, but only one dealt in lies. Whether there is but one devil or several, falsehood is their primary tool of control.

Ignorance and Falsehood

Hartmann says that ignorance is “a nonentity,” while falsehood is the true evil. I think that he means that telling lies is an active evil while being ignorant is passive. I don’t think that is always true. In fact, I think more often than not, it is false. It is the people who know the truth who limit who they share it with, and how much of it they share. On the other hand, those who are ignorant generally think they know what they are talking about and are willing to share their beliefs and falsehoods with everyone. So while ignorance itself may be passive, sharing that ignorance with anyone who will listen is not. And there is a lot more of that going on than the sharing of intentional falsehood.

Ignorance of Reality

While intentional falsehood may be worse than ignorance, some spiritual teachers say that ignorance is the only real “sin”. That idea shocks many. They will ask, “What about murder, rape, theft, and so on. Are they not sins?” Yes, they are. As are many other types of negative behavior. But the point is, we only do those things when we are ignorant. Ignorance of one form or another is the cause of fears, insecurities, and anti-social behavior. Greed doesn’t happen when we are aware that having more than we need, or can possibly use, doesn’t do us any good. Fear doesn’t happen when we know the truth of the world we live in.

The belief in the total reality of the realm of matter is the greatest falsehood. Matter is an illusion. Even science now agrees with that. The Quantum Physicists say that this universe appearing to be so solid, so real, is just a hologram. As an illusion, getting too involved in it is pointless. The only real worlds (or dimensions) are those of spirit. The spiritual realms are permanent and unchanging. They are forever. Matter is temporary and constantly changing. While we do have to live and function in the realm of matter, we need to remember that it is like playing a part in a play. When we understand that, how can we get jealous or greedy? Those negative things happen only because of ignorance.

So ignorance is not truly passive and engaging in regular falsehoods is done only by the ignorant. Wake up to reality and the falsehoods will end ( except for the polite and harmless compliments where the person isn’t really asking for your honest opinion). But we can’t get rid of all ignorance until we awaken our spirit and soul. Only the soul can know and understand the spiritual realms. But it must be awakened first. The best way to do that is by using the light of the spiritual sun following techniques shared by the mystery schools of the world for centuries. Doing it blindly, without proper instruction, rarely works. Telling yourself you don’t need training is another falsehood.


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