cosmos of wisdom

“When after an interval of rest, our Earth system appears as the successor of this Cosmos of Wisdom, all the beings newly emerging on the earth, developed out of their moon-germs, prove to be filed with wisdom. And this is the reason why earthly man when contemplating the things around him , is able to discover the wisdom concealed in their inner nature. The wisdom in each leaf of a plant, in every bone in animal and man, in the marvelous structure of the brain and heart, fills us with admiration. If man requires wisdom to understand things, and therefore gathers wisdom from them, this shows that there is wisdom in the things themselves. For however much man might have striven to understand things by by means of wise perceptions, he could not draw wisdom from them if it had not been put into them. He who tries by means of wisdom to understand things, assuming at the same time that wisdom had not been concealed within them, may just as reasonable believe that he can empty water out of a glass into which it had not first been poured.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Cosmos of Wisdom

To say that the cosmos is one of wisdom is to say that it has hidden meaning and knowledge within it. That is true, and fairly obvious, at many levels. Even the most materialistic scientists who believe nothing exists beyond matter do not claim that we already know everything. Even on that level, there remains much to be learned. There is also much which can’t be learned if trapped in that philosophy since there will always be things that can never be understood as part of a universe of only matter and no spirit.

Those who have awakened to some degree are aware that wisdom is not found in books or anything else of matter. It is found in spirit. It is broadcast throughout the realms of spirit and received by the soul. Only the soul can understand. But as Steiner says, there is wisdom in everything and every being. And if we start looking for that wisdom within them, we will start seeing the world in a whole new way.

Newly Emerging Beings

While calling them “beings newly emerging on the earth,” give the impression to most of us that Steiner is talking about something that happened a few years ago, his history of the cosmos here is billions of years, and these new being arriving in the cosmos of wisdom arrived millions of years ago. He is talking about man and the age of mammals. It is even possible that he is going back before the dinosaurs. Saying that there is wisdom hidden in all of us in the cosmos of wisdom is the same as saying that there is hidden spirit in the realm of matter.

This third dimension that we dwell in may be mostly matter, and the energy associated with it, but it still has a significant amount of spirit. The wisdom is in the spirit. St. Francis developed a sufficient view f that wisdom to start calling all life forms his brothers and sisters. He could see their spirits and know their wisdom. So if you haven’t gotten the point yet, spirit and wisdom go together.

Wisdom in Nature

It is true that getting close to nature can help one discover wisdom. We can see the patterns in nature. The laws of divine proportion and divine harmony are found there. We can learn how to share from nature. The tree doesn’t give shade only to those it likes. Anyone can sit in its shade. The sun doesn’t shine only on good people but on all. Of course, the evil ones may choose to hide from sunlight, but that’s their choice. And when we get really close to nature, we can exchange energy with the trees, flowers, and animals. In so doing, we learn from them, we gain wisdom. Then we can go beyond Earth to the cosmos of wisdom. The wisdom of the stars that exchange energy with each other just as we can do when hugging a tree. The stars send energy to our sun and it sends energy to us. The spiritual sun as well as the physical sun. We gain real wisdom and truth by absorbing that spiritual sunlight from the cosmos of wisdom. That light which is also called the Grace of God because it is filled with His wisdom. So don’t seek wisdom in books. Don’t even expect it from teachers. They can only point you in the right direction. Seek a cosmos of wisdom that awakens and enlightens the spirit and soul.


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