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“This was the land from whence man came; the Great One came from Zaidor. The people who came with Nadhi were wise in the ways of the seasons and in the wisdom of the stars. The read the Book of Heaven with understanding. They covered their dead with potters clay and hardened it, for it was not their custom to place their dead in boxes.

“Those who came with the Great One were cunning craftsmen in stone; they were carvers of wood and ivory. The High God was worshiped with strange light in places of great silences. …

“They made eye reflectors of glass stone, which cured the ills of men. They purified men with a strange metal and purged them of evil spirits in flowing fire. …

“Who taught men the secret of writing and numbers, and the measurement of the years? … Who taught the preservation of the body? That the soul might commune with the living, and that it might be a doorway to the Earth? Who taught that light is Life? Who taught the words of God, which spoke to men and hid things from them which stood in the place of Truth for those with understanding? … Who taught that beyond the visible is the invisible, … and all things are linked together in one?” The Kolbrin Bible (Man:1:12-26)

The Land From Whence Man Came

This and the many other questions in this chapter and book of the Kolbrin Bible are not answered. That is probably intentional. The questions are asked to make us think and solve the problems ourselves, given that anyone reading this is probably a spiritual student with sufficient knowledge to figure it out.

Starting with this beginning question, we will find many conflicting answers if we limit ourselves to the physical realm. Does it mean the very first man as represented in the allegorical tale of Adam and Eve? Does it mean the former home of those who were the ancestors of the spiritual group that wrote this book? Neither of those questions can be answered with anything but speculation. But if we go beyond the physical, we come up with a different and definitive answer.

Before man was a physical being, he was pure spirit. As such, he lived in advanced spiritual dimensions higher than the physical one. Whether that dimension was heaven itself, or a lower spiritual one doesn’t really matter. The point is that it was a land of spirit, not matter. So the answer to the question is that man came from spiritual realms, and the purpose of the question is to remind us of that fact, for so many have forgotten it.

Advanced Spiritual Men, Wise In the Wisdom of the Stars

That these people were wise in the ways of the seasons and the stars can also be interpreted in the same two ways, physical and spiritual. Some would interpret it in a physical sense and say that it indicated these people came from the stars. In other words, they were aliens who came from another planet. In fact, many interpret the Kolbrin Bible overall as being about aliens from other planets come to earth. That is an interpretation that is based on a universe that is all matter. Yet the Kolbrin Bible clearly has many references to the spiritual. When we interpret this in a spiritual way, we get something very different.

The sun and the stars act as gateways or portals between the physical realm and the spiritual ones. Not that you can physically travel to those dimensions by going through the stars. It is more that the higher realms communicate with the lower ones using spiritual light that travels down to physical worlds through the stars including our sun. So saying these people who originated in the realms of spirit are “wise in the wisdom of the stars,” means that they have spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom. It has nothing to do with aliens.

Cunning Craftsmen

People who have advanced spiritual knowledge are not just able to function better on a spiritual level, they are also better on the physical. Generally speaking, they are more creative and more artistic. A materialistic person might be a carpenter. The spiritual one is the architect. Materialistic people might turn clay pots on a wheel. The spiritual one designs unique pots when he does the same. Not only unique but also following the laws of divine proportion and harmony1.

In more recent times, such people designed the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe. They also designed many ancient buildings such as the pyramids of Egypt and the great buildings of Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. In fact, most great artists and designers are at least partially awakened spiritually.

Reflectors of Glass Stone

Saying that these advanced spiritual people made reflectors of “glass stone” doesn’t sound very impressive. It is, however, very meaningful when you know about the light from the spiritual sun and how to use it to awaken the soul.

The term glass stone doesn’t make much sense since glass and stone are two different things. I believe that what it means is a type of stone, perhaps Obsidian, that they polished until it was as smooth as glass. These primitive mirrors were used to reflect the light of the sun onto the eyes. This had two benefits over looking directly at the sun. First, you are less likely to damage the eyes because they don’t reflect all of the light. Second, the reflected light is polarized which makes it function better for the purpose of awakening the soul.

Who Taught Men?

This chapter then continues by asking a long series of questions. Who taught farming? Who taught writing and mathematics? And on, and on. Many questions, but no answer is given. The answer doesn’t need to be given. The materialistic person would not accept it and the advanced spiritual one already knows it. The answer is the light of God that come to us through the spiritual sun. This light doesn’t just warm us. It also doesn’t just provide energy to awaken our spiritual faculties. It carries information, knowledge. This information and knowledge is absolute, always true and reliable. While it is primarily for spiritual use, physical use can be made of it within limits. No, not for learning the winning lottery numbers! That is a misuse. But the ancient shaman could tell people which mushrooms were safe to eat and which were poisonous. The ancient architects knew how to make building that were not only attractive, but last thousands of years. So the answer is that God taught men by sending truth and knowledge through the spiritual sun. And since we are now in the age of the Sun of Righteousness, that is more true now than ever.

Many are taking advantage of the free college that is now available in some European countries. Taking advantage of the free and infinite education provided by the spiritual sun is far more important.

1 – See my previous post on divine proportion and harmony by clicking here.


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