dungeon of ignorance

“He spoke to me through joy, lifting my soul from hell.
He said, Come, spirit, and don’t fear. I am your mind, your hope.
You are the garment of my body, which dismayed the powers of darkness.
I am your primeval light, your great mind and total hope.
You are my word, my panoply of war, saving me from struggle with sinners.
I will release you from dungeons, carry you far from your wounds.
I will lead you from physical torment. You will not fear encounter.
First human, you will have the portals of heaven.
Beloved! beauty of my bright nature!
From filth and corrosion I will cleanse you through perfect light.
You are my beloved, the love in my limbs,
and I am the light of your whole structure, your soul and base of being.
From the holiness of my limbs you descended in the beginning into dark places and became their light.
For your sake the gods went down and became apparent and slaughtered death and darkness.
First human, I shall open before you the portals of heaven.
Fear and death will not trail you. They will not ravage you with pain and wretchedness.
No, you will rest in the lofty precincts of salvation, here with the gods and those who live in placid quiet.
Come, spirit. Death has fallen, and sickness fled away.
Let there be no desire for the house of affliction,
which is wholly destruction and anguishing death.” ~Parthian Songs

The Garment of My Body

This seems to be an unusual switch of words. We often hear the body being called the garment of the spirit or the mind. Here, it seems like this song is calling spirit the garment of the body. While I suppose you could say it either way, it makes more sense to say it the more common way. We think of a garment as something temporary. The physical body is temporary, so that should be considered the garment. The spirit and soul are permanent, eternal. They are the real Self.

So how did the spirit and soul “dismay the powers of darkness”? The dark ones love to believe they have us under complete control. Sadly, for the majority of us, they do. We don’t think they do, but that doesn’t change the fact. Many don’t even believe in devils, demons, or dark powers. That is their greatest power. It is so much easier to control those who don’t even believe in them. You always have your guard down when you don’t believe. So when someone does have a breakthrough, a spiritual awakening, it surprises them. They like to think they are infallible. When someone awakens to some degree, they are dismayed. But they are learning.

War of Light and Dark

As more of us awaken or at least begin the process of awakening, the dark ones work even harder to keep us ignorant and under control. This causes the Angels and beings of light to also work harder to get more of us to awaken. This is what is often called the war of light against dark. But it isn’t a conventional war as we humans think of it. There are no battlefields other than the entire universe. There are no weapons other than the darkness of ignorance and the light of truth. And the only treasure to be gained is the souls of humanity.

Release from the Dungeon

The dungeon, in this case, is the dungeon of ignorance and clouded thinking. It is the Cave of Plato. It is the fallen realm of matter. We can call it a dungeon because like a dungeon, it keeps us in the dark. It blocks us from spiritual knowledge, spiritual truth.

But the spiritual light that awakens the spirit and soul frees us from the dungeon of ignorance. It also frees us from pain, the song says. Not just physical pain, but mental and spiritual pain as well. When we are trapped in the dungeon of ignorance, even if we are not aware of it, deep down we feel that we are missing something. That something is truth and knowledge. Not book knowledge that you get from a university. This is the knowledge that can only be gained through direct contact with the higher of consciousness and being. It is Gnosis.

Perfect Light

The song says we are cleansed by the perfect light. This is the spiritual light that frees us from the dungeon of ignorance. It cleanses us of false beliefs. It washes the clouds from our eyes that prevent us from seeing the truth. It is God’s divine light. That light comes to us through the spiritual sun, or Sun of Righteousness.

Slaughtered Death and Darkness

This expression in the song is meant to be allegorical. As we all should have learned from Star Wars and elsewhere, killing evil beings is evil. Luke understood that and refused to kill Darth Vader. It wasn’t because Darth was his father. It was because he knew, especially with the evil emperor encouraging him to kill Darth, that killing is always evil. So the Divine Light will not kill beings full of death and darkness. It will cause them to repent and turn to the light. In the end, we must all turn to the light and leave the dungeon of ignorance. We really don’t have a choice. That dungeon is temporary and will soon dissolve. We need to leave the dungeon of ignorance by awakening our spiritual faculties now.


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