powers and princes

“I will take you eagerly, and we’ll soar on wings high over dark powers and recalcitrant princes. I will take you into the primeval calm of new land, the new paradise, and will show you the design of the father’s being. You will know joy and praise, go beyond pain, and in luminous dress you will gird on light. On your head is your diadem of authority. Spirit spoke and built on that structure the vast fortress of the noble emperor. The primeval firstborn merits a palace as his dominion. The first human clothes himself in gladness and binds on the diadem of sovereignty. On his friends he binds the diadem and clothes their bodies in the garment of gladness. And those faithful elect he clothes in praise, binds the diadem on them. They reign happily as once they were in shackles just for their name and were horribly punished by enemies. Their victory was their return from hell. Their enemies are subdued, and before them cliffs! On that day when the father reveals his form, the caring father, lord of the aeons of light, he will show his illuminated shape. It’s a glorious bright form to all the gods who will live there.” ~Parthian Songs

Soar on Wings

It isn’t clear at the beginning of this song who the speaker is. Who is going to help us soar? Who is bringing us high above darkness? I think the answer is an awakened soul. When our soul is awakened it does, in a sense, soar on wings. Not that we literally grow wings. But the soul, being unlimited by time and space, can be anywhere it wants to be instantly. And return so fast you don’t even know it left. When you exist outside of time and space, as the soul does, you don’t really move at all. You simply shift your focus to a new location. The soul is already there. It always was.

Dark Powers and Princes

We do need to soar high above dark powers and princes. But who are the dark forces or powers? Who are the princes? It is difficult to comprehend that in the spiritual worlds, forces and beings may be the same thing. We don’t think of gravity or inertia as beings. Many of us do, however, think of darkness, or evil, as beings. The devil, demons, these are beings of darkness. But they are also powers. These powers and princes are not much different than the force of gravity, but they have been personified as a matter of convenience. Think of demons or devils if you prefer, or think in terms of forces. The result is the same either way. The darkness is not our friend. The dark princes want to keep us trapped in the realm of matter where they have most of their power. They will do almost anything to keep us from awakening and developing our spiritual faculties that allow us to escape from them. Fortunately, there are light powers and princes that are at least as powerful as the dark ones. The princes of light are on our side.

Diadem of Authority

I have not read this particular term in any spiritual books before. But it is reasonable to assume it is symbolic, like most other odd references found in spiritual writings. Diadem is a type of crown. Specifically, it is a band that circles the top of the head. They are often made of gold. Some have diamonds on them, but that isn’t what the name means.

Since this is a spiritual song, specifically Gnostic, we can assume the diadem is not a literal, physical crown. It is a reference to the light that is often seen—or at least imagined in artworks—around the heads of holy or enlightened persons. It is a halo. It is the Dove of Light above the head of Jesus. Ancient traditional diadems are usually made of gold. Like other gold crows, therefore, they also represent a person who is “One with the Sun”. That is to say, they represent one who has been awakened and enlightened by the light of the spiritual sun that is symbolized by gold. This is backed by the previous line of the song, which says the awakened soul will be clothed in light. So the soul, or awakened spirit, is clothed in light and wears a crown of light. Are we getting the picture that light is important yet?

Primeval Firstborn

You might think this is a reference to Adam, the first human, but it isn’t. Not directly, anyway. It is more likely a reference to the hidden true and ancient self that is in each of us. It is spiritual man, before he descended into matter. This is the archetype of humanity. The song says that this firstborn rates a palace as his dominion. This is an allegorical way of saying that the awakened soul of man rates a space in heaven rather than being trapped in matter.

For His Friends

The song tells us that these Firstborn, these powers and princes of light, also gives the clothes of light and the diadem. He gives them to his friends and to the faithful. This is telling us that when we awaken, it is our duty to help others do the same. Of course, we cannot do it for them. But we can encourage others. We can teach them. Helping others is just as important as helping ourselves grow. The powers and princes of darkness can only be stopped by the powers and princes of light. Yes, God helps to. But He doesn’t do it directly. God can’t descend into the realm of matter. He might be contaminated for one thing. For another, his great spiritual energy might transform the matter into spirit instantly if he descended into it. That would be a very bad thing for those of us who are not yet prepared for that. So the powers and princes of light instead help teach others to join their ranks. They also help hold the powers and princes of darkness down so they cannot harm us as much as they would like to.

Even if we can’t truly say that we have reached this level of being a prince of light, we should still help others as much as we help ourselves. That is because Humanity is a single thing with many parts. The individual parts cannot be saved alone. All of humanity must be saved. All must become powers and princes of light.


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