portal of the sky

“Ferry Me to the Sun Take me, firstborn. The path of light spreads before me from my own first city. I look for someone. The dissolving image of the savior comes to me. O first one, the light of the virgin touches me, the brightest picture of truth with her three angels who give grace. Firstborn, the portals of the sky fly open before me in the rays of my savior and his portrait of light. I left my garment on the earth. Senile diseases were mine. I dress in the deathless robe. Ferry me to the sun and the moon. Ferry of light at peace over three earths. Firstborn, I am a holy bride in her chamber of light, resting. I keep my victory gift. …

“O soul, sleeping. You who sleep, you who doze, wake. Sun rises on you. … The good man has come Jewel garland, you. Wandering sheep, your shepherd seeks you. Noble and despised, your king wants you. Where are your angelic cloths, robes that don’t age? Where are your cheerful wreathes and crowns that don’t fall? The clay mold of your kin, your father’s seal? When you were saved, your first jewel, your mind was collected, familiar, unfailing to you. How many of your blood has the world . . . for you? The humble you have loved and the great you have humbled. You were not yet ashamed. ” ~The Manichaean Song Book

Take Me to The Sun

Why would the singer ask Christ to carry him to the sun? Is he planning to fly in a spaceship? Is he trying to get burned up by the heat of the sun? No, that’s not what he wants. He wants the Christ Force within him to link him to the spiritual sun, not the physical one. It is the spiritual sun that awakens the dormant spirit and soul. The spiritual sun links the physical realm to the spiritual.

The path of light does spread before you when you turn to the spiritual sun. Part of what that sun does is show you the path. The one true path for a real spiritual awakening. There are many detours, many winding roads that can be followed forever, but only one direct path to the Light.

Portal of the Sky

The portal of the sky is that very same spiritual sun. It is a portal because it links the physical realm to the spiritual. When one enters this portal, he is exposed to great spiritual truths and ultimate knowledge. It is the truth and knowledge that the ancient Gnostics called Gnosis. We may not comprehend it on the first exposure, or even the second. Yet every time we expose ourselves to this spiritual light, it has an effect on us at many levels. Continued exposure awakens our spiritual faculties. After that, continues exposure nourishes the soul and helps it grow strong. Through this portal, we reach higher states of consciousness. We increase our frequencies which allows us to communicate with beings such as angels that life at much higher frequencies than we do on the level of matter.

Angelic Robes and Crowns

When you travel to the spiritual sun, you are doing it without the physical body. Obviously, the physical body can not travel to the sun. That’s what the singer means when he says he left his garment on earth. He calls the physical body a garment because he knows it is not his true self. The physical body is more of a garment or a tool we use when trapped in the material world. It is no more who we really are than is a Halloween costume. But the robes of an angel, the song says, do not age. This is another way of saying that they are made of spirit, not matter. Spirit does not age, get sick, or die. So this song is telling us we must go to the Portal of the Sky, the spiritual sun, in spirit form, not physical.

And what of the wreaths and crowns that don’t fall? These are references to that spiritual light that shines forth from one who is truly awakened and full of spiritual light. This is often depicted as a crown or halo of light or a wreath of spiritual energy around or above the head. When you enter the portal of the sky, your wreath and crown will glow with this light also. Yet most will not see it because they look for it with their physical eyes. In most cases, the physical eyes cannot see the subtle, yet brilliant light of spirit. We could say, in a scientific way, that the frequencies of the spiritual light fond in that portal of the sky are beyond the frequencies that can be seen by the physical eyes. Only an awakened soul can see these halos or crowns of light. Yet many who are not fully awakened can still feel something special when around a person who has gone through the portal of the sky and wears such a crown.

I have written before on how the gold crown of kings was originally intended to represent the light of the sun and to show that the king had been through the portal of the sky and was therefore worthy to rule. Such gold crowns originated with high priests and later become the kings. Of course, it didn’t take long for kings to demand the right to wear such crowns with no spiritual training at all and without ever entering the portal of the sky. Such is life in the material world.


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