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“When you want to benefit from the energies of nature, receive them directly from the source and not indirectly. For instance when you want to use solar energy, go out and receive it directly from its source and not through glasses or lenses.

“Love as the Sun loves. When it rises, it sends forth light to all living beings—ugly and beautiful, small and great.

“The heart of our solar system is the Sun. The rhythmical movements of blood in the human heart are determined by the rhythmical waves of the Sun. Therefore, when the heart of man functions improperly, this is a symptom that he has violated his relationship with the Sun—the heart of the solar system where he lives.

“The Sun is the bearer of new ideas, new discoveries,new philosophies, a new religion and a new science. The Sun is going to sweep aside everything old; it will consume the old and turn it into dust. The Sun will bring to earth a pure and sublime life. For whom will this be so? For the souls that are ready. The soul that is ready is like a bud that is waiting for the Sun to shine. Whe it does, the bud will open into blossom.” ~Biensa Douno

Benefit from Nature

There are many ways to benefit from regular contact with nature, or the natural environment. We can aid our physical health in a number of ways by simply removing our shoes and walking barefoot on the earth. Or you can just sit in a chair with your bare feet on the ground. For more on that concept, read the book Earthing.

Another way to benefit from nature is to observe wild animals. If you are gentle enough, loving enough, you might even be able to make friends with some of them. And don’t forget the plant kingdom. There are indeed benefits to tree-hugging. Old trees may have much wisdom hidden within them that they might share with one who makes friends with them without demands or expectations.

But as Douno notes, the most significant way to benefit from contact with nature is through contact with the sun. Both the physical sun and the spiritual Sun can benefit us (I believe that when master Douno capitalized “Sun,” he is speaking of the spiritual sun).

In recent decades, we have been told by many, especially the drug pushers, to avoid sunlight. “It will melt your face,” they say. “It will give you cancer, or dandruff, or tough skin1,” they warn. And many who listened are now suffering from a shortage of vitamin D which can lead to a number of health problems. Some have learned from the mistake of hiding from the sun. Other take vitamin D pills instead (Sigh!). In truth, the sun shining on us is just about as beneficial as the sun shining on flowers and trees.

The spiritual sun is another matter. It is of benefit to the spirit and soul, not the physical body. It is more than a benefit. The light of the spiritual sun is necessary for the good health of the spirit and soul. And the easiest way to awaken a sleeping soul is with the light of the spiritual sun. One effect is felt on the physical level. It is the light of this sun, coupled with the light of the physical sun, that awakens the pineal gland, sometimes called the third eye.

Heart Sun

The sun is the heart of the solar system. There are some who still disbelieve that, but the foolishness is of no concern to the rest of us. We shrug off their silliness and move on.

While our sun is the heart of the solar system, it is not the heart of the universe. There are many stars, many suns. Some of those suns are much larger, and much more powerful than our sun. Yet is remains our sun we should turn to for light, both physical and spiritual. There are two reasons for that. Turning to other stars for energy is pointless because they are so much further away that only a miniscule amount of their energy reaches us. The other reason is that the stars share light, energy, and knowledge with each other. So the light of our own sun is the light of all suns.

Sun of Ideas

A sun of Ideas? Whoever heard of such a thing? A sun of ideas and philosophies? Nonsense!

But it isn’t nonsense. It is all very true if you are referring to the spiritual sun. The light of the Sun carries what we in Cosolargy call “Information Factors”. This means simply that light is a carrier of information. While that may sound unbelievable to many, just consider how radio carrier waves can carry with them music, news, an episode of “Little Orphan Annie”. Light is a carrier wave just as much as radio waves. And the light of the spiritual sun carries spiritual knowledge that few know how to receive, and even fewer can understand. Sometimes, those light waves from the sun of ideas inspire inventors, musicians, writers and creative people of all sorts. It is the muse of muses. For many others, it may simply affect your dreams, causing you to see things differently. It may even allow you to see some future events, usually, so you can either prevent them or prepare for them. A sun of ideas is a powerful teacher, a great guru. And think how much more you would gain from that sun of ideas if you turned ti it and took in its light with intent and a desire to learn with no accepted beliefs to filter out the truth. If we all started turning to that sun at dawn, and taking in that knowledge from the sun of ideas, we would soon have that promised golden age that most of us want. An age of peace, love, and good health for all.

1 – So what’s wrong with tough skin? The skin is supposed to protect the body. A tough skin does that much better than a thin, pale, tissue-paper skin.

Featured Image: Rise of the Spiritual Sun by Joseph Parker


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