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“ Now you understand that the powers of light are good and the beginning and the end are unveiled to them. Whatever they do is with good judgment. For this reason they allow the enmity.”

“The light mind comes and finds the soul and assumes it into wisdom. He will become for it . . . the bonds and members of the body. He will loosen the mind of the soul and release it from the bone. He will release the thought of the soul from sinew and bind the thought of sinew in sinew. He will release insight of the soul from the vein and bind insight of sin in the vein. He will loosen the counsel of the soul and release it from the flesh and so bind the counsel of sin in the flesh.”

“And the new man reigns by love, by faith, by perfection, by patience, and by wisdom. Yet his king is the light mind, who is king of all. He reigns over it as he wishes. The members’ sin is imprisoned, yet the light mind is king, and an affection often rises in the body.” ~The Kephalaia

Powers of Light

The phrase “powers of light” can be interpreted in two ways. It can refer to powerful beings of light who exist in higher realms of spirit and consciousness. It can also refer to the powers of light itself, both physical and spiritual.

In both cases, the powers of light are good. The beginning, the end, and everything in between is revealed to them. It is not a matter of time, although they do exist outside the limitations of time. It is that they know truth and wisdom. They know that spirit came before matter. They know that matter is a mistake. God didn’t create the realm of matter. It was created by the Demiurge, or the fallen angels.

Light Mind Comes

The light mind is not the ordinary mind that is linked with, though not the same as, the brain. The light mind is the spiritual mind that operates through the soul, not the body. The Kephalaia says it “finds the soul and assumes it into wisdom”. That is an interesting way to put it. What the spiritual light does is awaken the soul. We hear many people refer to a spiritual awakening these days, but few know what it really means. Many think that simply becoming aware that there is more than just the material world means they have awakened. That is an important first step, but it isn’t true awakening. Only when the soul is awakened by spiritual light, what is called in the quote the Light Mind, is one truly awakened.

By releasing the soul “from the bone,” the Light Mind sets it free to travel in other worlds, other dimensions, other times. This includes the physical realm too, of course. With soul travel, one could visit Mars or Jupiter, or any other planet without any physical travel necessary. Because the soul exists outside of time and space, it can focus on any place, any time, almost instantly. The Light Mind sets it free to do that.

But why is this spiritual light being called the Light Mind? Because light carries information in it much as a mind does. This is not just a concept of spiritual mystery schools. It is now backed by science. Quantum physicists agree that light beams carry information. And as those light beams cross each other, they collect additional information from each other. So this matrix of spiritual light is indeed the Light Mind.

New Man Reigns

The Quote mentions a new man but doesn’t say who this is. It is any man whose soul has been truly awakened by that Light Mind. He is new because he is a much different person now than he was when his knowledge and understanding was limited to what his brain-mind knew of the realm of matter. It is what Jesus and others meant when they said we had to be reborn. We are born again when the soul is awakened and made conscious. Then we have not only been awakened by the Light Mind, but we are also part of the Light Mind.

The quote says this new man (that includes women) reigns with love, patience, wisdom, etc. What a novel idea that seems to be in today’s world. We have become accustomed to those who rule with force and control with fear. In the United States, we currently have a president and administration who encourage people to nurse their fears and be irrationally controlled by them. That is bad enough, but there are other countries in a similar situation. Fortunately, the Light Mind is helping some awaken and get over that limited way of living.

A new age of spiritual understanding is beginning. The leaders in this age will indeed reign with truth, wisdom, and love. They will lead to help, not control. They will bring us closer to God and Unity with the All. They will help all of us become part of the Light Mind.


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