“In the containers, I have gathered together all the books given into my care, and I have done all the things I was instructed to do, and the work of my father is now complete. The metal will stand the test of age, and the cutting is the finest workmanship.

“The five great book boxes contain one hundred and thirty-two scrolls and five ring-bound volumes. There are sixty-two thousand, four hundred and eighty three words in The Greater Book of the Egyptians. …

“The Book of Magical Concoctions has six thousand, eight hundred and ten words, and this was the most difficult to remit, for it was a work of mystery and hidden things. …

“The Book Of Secret Lore and the Book of Decrees are joined into the Great Book of the Sons of Fire and they, too, are enabled to last forever.

“The metal is as our masters desired, made cunningly by the secret methods of our tribe, and it will never perish. The marks are cut in it so that when seen in the right light, they stand out clearly. …

“Read carefully the sacred words, which are written, and may they be a lodestone to a greater life.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:24:1-10)

The Library

The writer of this quote has identified himself as the one responsible for the preservation of a great library of ancient books. I didn’t list all the books he mentions by name as that is unnecessary and would make the quote too long.

The description indicates that this library consisted of many scrolls made of thin sheets of metal and five ring-bound books also made of metal. We don’t know what this metal is, but the writer says it is indestructible. Of course, we know in this day that noting is indestructible, but we can assume these books were made to last quite a long time. It addition, he tells us he stored the library in boxes also made of metal, probably thicker and stronger than the metal used to make the books themselves. He doesn’t tell us what was done with this library after he carefully sealed it in the great boxes, but it was probably hidden in a cave or buried. He does indicate that this was being done to provide information to people in the future, so it can reasonably be assumed this library was hidden away.

The Eqyptians

The creator of this library references several of the books as coming from the Egyptians. This tells us two things about the people who wrote the Kolbrin Bible or at least this section of it. One, they were not Egyptian. Two, they had great regard for the teachings of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt. They may have been people who once lived in Egypt, but had left that land for some reason.

Mystery and Hidden Things

One of the books is described as being difficult to write because it was a book of mystery and hidden things. We can deduce from this description that the writer was not simply making exact copies of old books, but was translating them into a different language or dialect. Because of that, a book of hidden things would be more difficult. Such a book would be written in allegory to hide it’s true meaning from the uninitiated. Much like the Upanishads and the Christian Bible. He had to translate in such a way that the true meaning remained, but also remained hidden with allegory. Since the meaning of symbols can change over time, he had to know what the old symbology meant, and what new symbols to use in their place.

Lost Libraries

In the past several decades, several ancient libraries have been found. The best known of this are the Nag Hammadi library and the Dead Sea Scrolls. To my knowledge, there are no ancient

Jordan Codices

libraries that were found that match the description found it the above quote. There have been a few ancient books found that were on metal tablets. One such is called the Jordan Codices and may be part of that library. As the attached picture shows, it included books of ring-bound metal tablets. Experts have said they are fake, but that is only an opinion. Other libraries have been claimed to be of metal tablets, but no proof exists. In any case, it is unlikely that these books of lead are the ones described as being virtually indestructible in the quote. So maybe this library remains hidden and will surface one day.

The most important thing we should take away from this, however, is the importance these ancients placed on the spiritual information they had access to. It was important enough to spend a great deal of time and effort recording it, in allegorical form, of course, for future generations to find. They didn’t want just any random people finding these things. They knew that a time would come when man would be given one last opportunity to truly awaken and return to his spiritual roots. It is called the End Time, not because it means an end to life, but an end to a life of materialism and complete immersion into the realm of matter. That time is upon us and that is why these ancient libraries are being found and interpreted. The interpretations by materialistic scholars are nonsense, but there are also spiritual interpretations held by some spiritual schools. We should all start listening while we still can.


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