come together

“Come together, O sons of the earth, and hear the angel who was sent out with the message of the skies. You came and were a gathering, you came and they gathered in you. … Wake, you who sleep. Wake, you who sleep. … The carrier of the message is on his way. … He raced laughing to the first man to tell him the message. He came and knocked on the gates and shouted, Open up at once. I have the message of the skies! …
“Who are you? My doors are locked, give me a sign so I’ll open to you and you can tell me the message. Who are you for me to open so you can tell me the message?
“I am the son of the son of the father. The son of the father has sent me to you about the message. Open, open up at once! Open the closed gates so you can be given the message! …”
“Tell me the message! The great spirit of the land of light, the cupbearer of all the aeons? Tell me the message! The land of light, the house of the father, bridal chamber of all the aeons? Tell me the message! …”
“Look, God has come wholly. Call and he will answer. Look, this is the message! …
“The virgin, the living fire has become master of the land of darkness. Carry the message! Look, the land of darkness we have wasted. We wait for you with a garland. Carry the message! …The robe of light was set on them. For them it was a bond, a shackle. Carry the message! …”
“Let’s go. They are expecting you. The light has surrounded darkness. Let’s go. … Look, god has wholly come. Call him. He will answer you.” ~The Manichaen Songbook

Song of Joy

This Manichaen song, which is much longer than the part I quoted, is one of joy and good tidings. It s a message from “above”. Meaning that it is from higher dimensions, spiritual dimensions. An angel of light has been sent with this message to those who will listen. Most of us living today are not surprised to hear that he found it difficult to get men to listen. Imagine how much worse it would be today.
Come Together Sons of the Earth
We are asked to come together. Come together to hear the “message of the skies,” which is delivered by an angel. Why come together? Because when we work together, we amplify our ability to reach higher frequencies. Together, we are better able to gain higher levels of consciousness. Also, when we come together, we can more easily ward off attacks from the demons and dark beings who don’t want our awakening.

Sons of the Son

The angel delivering the important message says he is a son of the son. This means that the angels are a creation of Christ rather than Father God. This may seem odd to many, but it isn’t Christ is the first creation of the Father. Christ is also the creative force of God. As such, it is His duty to create that which the Father desires. So in truth, the angel was created by both father and son since Christ would have not created him if he was not first “created” as a thought in the mind of the Father.
When Providence Knocks
The angels wished to share an important message but find doors and gates closed and locked. But he doesn’t give up. He calls out until someone finally listens. Listens enough, at least, to ask what message the angel had.
This description could be literally true in many cases. But it is not the literal truth that matters. It is an allegorical tale and its allegorical meaning is far more important. The closed doors and locked gates represent the spirits and souls of most men. We say we want to know everything, but in truth, many of us block spiritual knowledge from reaching us. We block it by disbelief. And if we have never bothered to awaken our spiritual faculties, that blocks spiritual messages as well. Occasionally, a little bit of that knowledge gets through by what we call intuition. The idea that we should actually converse with spiritual beings such as angels seems strange, if not impossible to most.
If we wish to receive the important messages carried to us by angelic beings, we must first awaken our spirit and soul and lose our doubts about their being a spiritual world and spiritual beings.

The Message

If you expected the song to end with the complete message in detain, sorry, that can’t happen. The message is delivered to the awakened soul, not the mind. Only a limited version can be told to the mind. A very generalized version is delivered to the mind. Here it is.
God and His angels want to talk to you. They have important knowledge to share. Truth for you to know. But it will only be delivered to the awakened soul. Only the soul can truly understand it. Only the soul can make use of it and follow God’s Plan. With this knowledge, we can all be transformed back into spirit form. With this knowledge, the entire universe of matter can be transformed back into spiritual form. So Come Together and awaken. Come together and learn the complete message. Awaken your spirit and soul and we will all come together on a spiritual level.

The Robe of Light

When we do start to help God and the angels transform the word, we will be wrapping the devils, demons, and forces of darkness in that robe of light. This is another allegory. The spiritual light that comes from God is the true Light. Contrary to what many believe, light and darkness do not have to coexist. That is true only in the deformed, mutated realm of matter. When we come together and fill the world with spiritual light, all darkness will be banished. So wait no longer. Start today.


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