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“We will make an experiment with the sunlight. Let it speak to you: music is hidden within. No harmony of tones more sublime exists than that which emanates from the vibrations f the rays of the Sun.

“When you want to benefit from the energies of nature, receive them directly from the source and not indirectly. For instance, when you want to use the solar energy, go out and receive it directly from its source and not through glasses and lenses.

“Love as the Sun loves. When it rises, it sends forth light for all living things—ugly and beautiful, small and great.

“The heart of the solar system is the Sun. The rhythmical movements of blood in the human heart is determined by the rhythmical waves of the Sun. Therefore, when the heart of man functions improperly, this is a symptom that he has violated is relationship to the Sun.” ~Biensa Douno

Listen to the Sun

Yes, the sun will speak to you. Or more accurately, something within the sun will speak to you. That something is the spiritual light that comes from God, down to the spiritual sun, and then to us. We have a strong solar relationship. But few of us turn to the sun. As to whether or not it sounds like music, I think that is open to interpretation. Douno probably meant that statement allegorically. That is to say, he meant it is like music in that it is pleasant and makes one feel joyful. Our solar relationship is one of joy and pleasant sounds and scents.

Direct Energy

Did you ever do that experiment in school where one student whispers something to the person behind him, then she does the same, and so on until it reaches the last person in the row? If you didn’t this is what happens. In most cases, what the last person got is very different from what the first person said.

Energy works much the same way. When it passes through several layers, what reaches you is reduced and altered. For example, if you were getting energy from a dangerous and angry beast, that energy will have some of that anger in it. It will also be weakened because the beast absorbed some of it. Even when you eat a plant, it has both physical nutrients and energy in it. The science of nutrition pays much attention to what physical nutrients are in it but generally ignores the energy. But that energy, that mostly comes from the sun, has been altered by the primitive consciousness of the plant. And again, the plant has used much of it already, so it is weak energy. He better way to get energy is to turn to the source. That source is the sun. The physical sun supplies energy to the physical body. The spiritual sun supplies energy to the spirit and soul.

Solar Relationship

The sun is the heart of the solar system. And on a spiritual level, the spiritual sun is the heart of man’s solar system. In a non-physical way, the sun is the center of our universe. And our relationship with the sun is more complex than science believes.

Since science only looks at the physical, which is only about 30% of the total universe, they only see some of it. We know, for example, that on the physical level, our eyes have evolved to take in the light that mostly comes from the physical sun. On the spiritual level, our spiritual eyes not only take in spiritual light, but they are themselves miniature versions of the spiritual sun. Also, our energy center, generally known as chakras, on the physical level rely on the sun for energy. On the spiritual level, the spiritual energy centers are also miniature spiritual suns. They grow stronger and healthier by exchanging energy with the spiritual sun. They also grow stronger, believe it or not, by sending some of that energy out to other beings on Earth filled with thoughts of peace, joy, and love. A very complicated solar relationship.


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