“The regimen of the stars makes not a holy man; and although men may converse under a holy show, yet they are but hypocrites, and desire to get honor and esteem, their mind sticks nevertheless in covetousness and pride, and in fleshly pleasure, in mere base lechery and lust, and they are in the sight of God (according to the Desire of this world)no other than mere knaves proud, willful, self-conceited thieves, robbers, and murderers. … We are altogether children of deceit and falsehood; and according to this image (which we have received from the spirit of this world) we belong to eternal Death, but not to Paradise; except it be, that we become regenerated anew out of the center of the precious virgin, who with her Rays averts the mind from the ungodly ways of sin and wickedness.” ~Jacob Boehme

Regimen of Stars

It is true that the stars do not make one holy. The night doesn’t make one holy. Nothing material can make one holy. This is especially true of dark places where God’s light is kept out as much as possible.

Boehme had to be careful what he said in public writings. He could have been charged with heresy and imprisoned if he wasn’t. So he, like many before him, had to express many things allegorically to stay out of trouble. I think this is one of those cases. While praying under the stars in a literal sense won’t make one holy, I think he meant is also in a figurative sense. Specifically, praying in a dark church with its windows stained to block out God’s light is not a path to enlightenment. The ancient mystics knew this. The Pythagoreans, the Essenes, and others did their praying, or spiritual techniques, outdoors facing the rising sun. While there are cases where mystery schools held ceremonies in caves, they inevitably had an opening through which they could watch the sun.

Honor and Esteem

It is unfortunate that there are those who see religion or spiritual development as a path for turning themselves into celebrities. As a result, we have many false teachers, preachers, and gurus today. Many teach things they know to be false, but it is what people want to hear. Others have picked up a few teachings from ancient books and real mystics and turned it into a simplified system that accomplishes almost nothing. It is unfortunate because some of those who join these false schools have great potential that doesn’t get developed. And when they realize the school they are in, or the spiritual writer they follow is a fraud, they often give up instead of seeking a real teacher.

As Boehme correctly notes, those who seek honors and fame through their spiritual books or classes are not being spiritual at all and should be checked carefully. Most such individuals are fakes.

Children of Deceit and Falsehood

Boehme says we are all children of deceit and falsehood, and that is true. This happens on multiple levels. We are deceived by parents, teachers, scientists, and others who often express beliefs, opinions, and theories as facts. But on a higher level, we are deceived by the realm of matter entirely. The great and powerful universe of matter is an illusion. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It means that it is not what it appears to be. Spiritual and Mystical schools have been teaching that for many centuries. Now science is beginning to as well. The Quantum Physicists say the apparently solid universe of matter is actually a hologram made of light, and nothing else.

Fortunately, a small number of us are awakening to the truth. As a result, we are not all being fooled by this universal deceit anymore. Yet we are still children of deceit because our physical bodies are the creation of the Demiurge, not God. And the Demiurge is the god of deceit. But we do have a spirit and soul that is created by the true God. And we are being “regenerated” by awakening those spiritual faculties and developing them to their full potential.

Regenerated Man

Boehme says that we “ become regenerated anew out of the center of the precious virgin.” This is another case of him speaking in allegory to avoid problems with the religious authorities of the time. He says this precious virgin uses her rays to avert us from ungodly ways. What virgin end forth rays that heal and awaken? Not Mary or Ishtar. This allegorical statement is a reference to the spiritual sun. It is a virgin in the sense that all spiritual beings and things are virgins And it is the spiritual sun that sends forth the rays of spiritual light that awaken the spirit and soul.

Man is being regenerated as more and more of us turn to that light. The number is still small, but growing. And since we are now in the time of that special version of the spiritual sun known as the Sun of Righteousness, it is even easier now to be regenerated. So start getting regenerated (or reborn as Jesus put it) into your true self now. You are never too old or too young.


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