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“’My father, yesterday you promised me you would take my mind to the eighth heavenly sphere and after that you would take me to the ninth. You said this is the sequence of the tradition.”Yes, my child, this is the sequence, but the promise was made about human nature. I said to you when I first made the promise, ‘If you remember each of the stages.’ After I received the spirit through the power, I established the action for you. Clearly understanding dwells within you. In me it is as if the power were pregnant, for when I conceived from the spring that flows to me, I gave birth.’Father, you have spoken every word rightly to me, but I am amazed at what you say. You said, ‘The power in me.’’ He said,’I gave birth to it as children are born.’Then, father, I have many siblings if I am to be counted among the generations.’ ‘Right, child. This good thing is counted . . . always. So, child, you must know your siblings and honor them rightly, since they have come from the very same father. For each of the generations have I addressed. I have named them, since they are offspring like these children.’ ‘Then, father, do they have a day?’ ‘Child, they are spiritual, for they exist as forces that nurture other souls. That is why I say they are immortal.’ ‘Your word is true. From now on it cannot be refuted. Father, begin the discourse on the eighth and the ninth, and count me also with my siblings.’ ‘Let us pray, child, to the father of the universe, with your siblings, who are my children, that the father may grant the spirit of eloquence.’” ~The Discourse On The Eighth And Ninth

Heavenly Spheres

What this Gnostic discourse is calling “Heavenly spheres.” is what most of us call spiritual dimensions. These spheres are nested like layers of an onion or a Russian nesting doll. Contrary to what you might think, the highest spiritual level is the outer sphere. Each sphere deeper and deeper within it is less spiritual and more material than the one outside of it. At the very center is the great void where there can be nothing, not even matter.

This nested concept is for our understanding. Since the higher heavenly spheres are made of spirit, they occupy no space or time but are within all space and time. It is a symbolic concept to help us understand the structure of the complete universe.

Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Spheres

As you travel upwards to higher dimensions from our third dimension, you hope to eventually reach the highest of them, the eighth and ninth. The eighth is what we usually call heaven. It is the highest level of beings with form.

The ninth is the Godhead. It is the place where God is one and All. There is but one being there, and that is God. But at the same time, all spirit beings and souls are a part of that Godhead. But this is the place where God is undivided, one, pure and whole.

Heavenly Siblings

This discourse says that the spiritual beings that dwell in higher dimensions are our siblings since they come from the same father. In other words, as they are all creations of God, as are our spirits and souls, we are all brothers and sisters.

But even the material beings of the fallen realm of matter are our siblings because we are all descended from the realms of spirit. When the Demiurge (fallen angels) created the material realms in the deepest levels of the heavenly spheres, they didn’t create from nothing. Only the true God could do that. They created matter out of spirit. That is why all material beings have some spirit in them. Therefore, they are all our siblings.

Power in Us

The student in the discourse is told by the teacher that he has the power in him. This is not political power or business power. He has the power to visit these higher realms. He can travel throughout the heavenly spheres if he learns to understand himself and his true nature. That is true of all of us. We can all travel to higher spheres, higher levels of consciousness, if we study and learn how and apply the lessons diligently. We do have to work at it. Just wishing for it isn’t enough.


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See you in the Heavenly Spheres!


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