will of God

“By an authority as gentle as efficacious, God accomplishes His will in us, when we have surrendered our souls to Him. The consent we give to his operations, and our relish of them, is sweet and sustaining, in proportion to the perfection of our abandonment. God does not arrest the soul with violence. He adjusts all things in such a manner, that we follow Him happily, even across dangerous precipices. So good is this Divine Master, so well does he understand the methods of conducting the soul, that it runs after Him, and makes haste to walk in the path he orders.

“Suppleness of soul is, therefore, of vital consequence to its progress. It is the work of God to effect this. Happy are the souls who yield to His discipline. …

“Reason may at times oppose with all its strength, and cause some fears, some hesitations; but being fixed in God, it is impossible for the soul to change its course.” ~Madam Guyon

Will of God Gets Done

A good military general knows that not all of his soldiers will be fully effective in battle. For that reason, he tries to have more soldiers than are necessary to do the job. That way, even if only eighty percent of them do a good job, the battle is still won. Only a foolish general would assume that every soldier will do a good job when the battle begins.

God is no different than that good general. He knows that not everyone can be relied upon to do what is necessary to complete his Divine Plan to save the fallen realm of matter. Some don’t think it need to be fixed. Others want it fixed, but don’t want to be part of the solution. God knows that. So in most cases, he doesn’t pick one specific individual to get a job done. Instead, He inspires several people. Some may ignore the inspiration. But at least one will listen and do the job. For that reason, God uses no force to accomplish His Plan. The will of God will be done, but not by any particular individual.

The Consent We Give

When many people here that spiritual people are expected to follow the will of God, they don’t like that idea. They think it is some kind of slavery. They think they are giving up their free will. But it isn’t like that at all.

Suppose yo are climbing a high mountain for the very first time. If you had an experienced guide available, would you go with him? Of course you would. And you would follow his advice even when it didn’t seem to be what you thought best.

If you were a young surgeon doing an operation for the first time, but you had a very experienced one there to observe and assist, would you not follow his advice? You would if you were not a fool. And if you were lost in the forest, and a person who knew the paths through the are happened to stumble upon you, you would follow him out of the forest without questioning. You would not call it slavery when he told you where to turn. You would not think of it as losing your free will by going where he led. You would think it the smart thing to do.

No one things following an acknowledged expert is slavery. No one thinks taking advice from an expert is a lose of freewill. While the ultimate expert on everything spiritual is God. If you want directions to Sally’s house, you ask Sally. If you want to advance to the highest realms of spirit where God dwells, you ask God and follow His Plan. It isn’t slavery, it’s wisdom.

Suppleness of Soul

Suppleness seems like an odd word to use when describing the soul, or any of its behavior. Part of the definition of that word is that it is something flexible, responsive, and adaptable. We do need to have a soul with those qualities if it is to follow the Will of God. But the soul always has such qualities. Your soul is, in a sense, a small piece of God. Naturally, therefore, it wants to follow God without question.

The problem is the mind, not the soul. Many of us have lost suppleness of mind. We have filled it with so many false beliefs and restrictions that we have become rigid. We can’t accept truth when we see it because it doesn’t fit into the beliefs stuck in the mind. That is why one of the first things most spiritual teachers will tell you to do is to develop an open mind. Another is to awaken the spirit and soul. If you succeed in doing both of those things, than the soul can take command and overrule the mind. It will obey the will of God. Then you will be well on your way to true enlightenment.


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