“When interest, sympathy, and good will meet to present pleasantly their opinions or thoughts on any special subject to each other, for an hour, there goes from that company a wave of thought-substance, which strikes other minds, and awakens or renews interest in that especial business, art, or cause, in proportion to the sensitiveness or capacity of such minds to receive thoughts. The new thought coming suddenly to you, comes because somewhere it is being talked out or agitated.

“The wave so caused acts n unseen elements precisely like that made by throwing a stone in calm water. The waves so radiate from the talk center; and they will continue to spread out in every direction. …

‘The same idea, or parts or shades of that idea, may float into a thousand minds within an hour, when once started, through a few people taking it. … Through thought-substance so sent far and wide you awaken desire or interest for the thing talked of.” ~Prentice Mulford

Wave of Thought-Substance

Mulford uses the term “thought-substance” to make it clear that thought is a substance. More accurately, it is an energy and energy does work. That is a basic law of science we all learned in grade school. Thought-substance or thought energy does work just as any other energy does. The main difference is that with most other kinds of energy, we are intentionally using that energy to do a specific task. We intentionally hit the nail with a hammer. The hammer doesn’t just jump up on its own and start hitting the nail. But with thought, most of us are unaware of the work being done by that energy.

A curious argument on the power of thought-substance exists today. While many insist that watching violent movies and television, or playing violent video games, leads to increased violence in our world, the makers of those products deny it. Yet, at the same time, meditation groups sponsor events where thousands of people meditate for peace together and the result is that crime and violence in the area drops dramatically. Unfortunately, that drop is temporary. Yet, it does demonstrate that thought energy does do work. And further, it shows that that energy can be directed to do a specific task.

Mind to Mind

Mulford says that one way thought-substance does work is by entering the minds of others and awakening them to the same idea or concept. I believe he is correct. Here’s where that can be a problem, though. First, it not only happens when specific thoughts are sent out intentionally. Every random thought we think affects others around us. Second, it doesn’t happen only with thoughts that are true. Complete lies that we believe in get passed to others. That is how we end up with millions firmly believing lies.

One of the duties of the spiritual person is to counter this problem. We do that by sending out thoughts of love, joy, peace, and truth-seeking. We need to encourage others to seek truth and to live in peace and joy. By directing thoughts in that way, we can. Such intentionally directed thoughts are as effective as undirected thoughts from dozens of other people. The most advanced spiritual people can put even more energy into the thoughts they send out. They can then override the random thoughts of thousands.

The other side of that coin, however, is that our minds are also being bombarded with thoughts from others. We need to learn to block untrue or random thought-substance that might fill our mind with lies.

Thought-substance Ripples and Waves

While it may not seem so bad that the angry or violent thoughts of someone has an effect on those near them, it is bigger than that. As Mulford note, those thoughts travel like waves or ripples in a lake. When one persons thought-substance affects a few dozen in the area, the thoughts of those people affect hundreds of other, who in turn affect thousands, and so on. And it isn’t limited to man.

Thought-substance also affects the rest of the world. The behavior of animals is affected by the thought patterns we establish. When they are full of anger and violence, we get many angry and violent animals.

Plants are also affected by thoughts. Perhaps not as much as animals, but still affected. Plants that are poisonous, plants with thorns, etc., develop because of our thought patterns. And it doesn’t stop there.

Everything on the planet Earth is affected by human thought-substance. The weather reflects our thought patterns. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, are all connected to our thoughts to some degree. Earthquakes and volcanoes are also thought controlled. That doesn’t meant that the thoughts of one person causes such things. It is the overall thought patterns of many people that do it.

Counter Measures

The first thing we must do to counter this problem is recognize that is exists. We must accept that our thought-substance has some control on the world we live in. Once we accept that, we can work on making our thoughts peaceful, joyful, and constructive. Then we can send out such thoughts with the intent to fix the problems of the world. And we can join communities of like-minded people who are doing the same. The more people doing such things, the more effective it ill be.


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