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“Let not merely the enveloping body be at peace, body’s turmoil stilled, but all that lies around, earth at peace, and sea at peace, and air and the very heavens, into that heaven, all at rest, let the great soul be conceived to roll inward at every point, penetrating, permeating, from all sides pouring in its light. As the rays of the sun throwing their brilliance upon a lowering cloud make it gleam all gold, so the soul entering the material expanse of the heavens has given life, has given immortality: what was abject it has lifted up; and the heavenly system, moved now in endless motion by the soul that leads it in wisdom, has become a living and a blessed thing.” ~Plotinus

The Great Soul

The concept of a great soul is not a new one. Plotinus, who live nearly 2,000 years ago, wrote of it. The basic idea is that there are no individual soul, but just one Great Soul that is in all of us. This concept makes sense when you consider that the soul is pure spirit, and therefore is beyond the limitations of time and space. It exists everywhere, and in all times. So that would mean that your soul is occupying the same space as mine, and Fred’s and Susie’s. Yet I still think that even if each of our souls is but a tiny piece of the Great Soul, each soul is still an individual to some degree. A stone in a stone wall doesn’t lose its individuality just because it is part of the wall.

Great Soul is also a term sometimes used to describe a highly evolved spiritual person like Jesus, or Gandhi. That isn’t what Plotinus means. He is talking about the One Soul of which all individual souls are a part.

Entering the Material Universe

According to some, when Man first arrived in the material world, he was a soulless creature with no hope of redemption. But then God took pity on us and sent souls into us so that it would be possible for us to redeem ourselves. This tells us that our true nature is spirit, not matter.

How true that tale is, I don’t know. I do know that we have souls now and our souls are all linked together. So in that way, we make up the one Great Soul.

You could think of the dimension of matter as a type of cancer tumor. Soul is the medicine or therapy to cure it. But unlike radiation therapy, it won’t destroy matter. Instead it will transform it. All of us must be transformed back into spirit. That is what the  Soul is doing. And not just to us, but to everything.

Blessed Immortality

The spirit and soul give us immortality. Blessed immortality because it is an immortality in the realms of spirit. It is immortality with God. But that doesn’t just happen by wishing for it. Even meditating on it day and night isn’t enough. We have to work at it. We have to take in the light of the spiritual sun that nourished the soul. Then we continue to take in that light and develop the soul to its full potential on Earth. That way, when we do leave this realm, we will be ready for the next. In that dimension, we will do the same as we work our way up to the next level. And on,and on, until we reach Heaven and Unity with God. Then we truly realize out oneness with the  Great Soul.


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