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“Every morning the Sun rises and beings from the invisible world ask you: ‘Did you read the page of the book fixed for today?’ The Sun is a book, and God writes something new in it every day.

“Light is a sign of love. When the sun shines on us that shows that God is sending us light. …

“Beautiful is the raiment of every living being who rises early before sunrise and works with love. If one does not rise early and does not work, he will be ordinary and poorly attired. All living beings are expected to do some work. The more conscious they are, the greater is the effort that they must apply. …

“When you want to benefit from the energies of nature, receive them directly from the source and not indirectly.” ~Biensa Douno

Sun Gazing at Sunrise

Sun-gazing (or sungazing) has become popular in recent years. In many cases, however, people are doing it without really knowing how or why. Most are gazing strictly at the physical sun. While that can have some benefits for the physical body and the brain-mind, It doesn’t really help the spirit and soul. To awaken and develop the spirit and soul requires gazing at the spiritual sun rather than the physical. Unfortunately, Douno rarely says that in his writings. He simply capitalizes “Sun” so you know he is not talking about the ordinary, physical sun. But if you don’t know why he is doing that, you might not understand his point.

Technically, sun gazing can be done at any time of the day. It is best, however, to do it at sunrise. That is when the frequencies of light are the most spiritual. The second best time is at sunset. So if you can’t always get up early to do it at sunrise, sunset is an acceptable alternative. But you should make sure that at least some of your sungazing is done at dawn. Too much evening sun will make your energies unbalanced and you may get angry or depressed.

Book of the Sun

When Douno calls the Sun a book, he is again referring primarily to the spiritual sun. This is an allegorical way of looking t it. Obviously, there are no books in the Sun. But there is information in the sun. The physical sun carries information about the physical universe. The spiritual sun carries information about the spiritual realms. And this is no longer just a spiritual teaching that is laughed at by science. The Quantum Physicists now agree that light carries information.

The important thing to know about the information carried by sunlight is that it is not speculation or opinion. Only truth is recorded in the sunlight. The problem is that when we take in that light full of true information, it is in our soul and subconscious mind, not in the conscious mind. Nonetheless, it can benefit us just by being on that level. And if it was on the conscious level, we would probably try to deny much of it because it disagrees with long-held beliefs. But since those beliefs control the subconscious more than the conscious, that knew knowledge in the subconscious can help correct that false path. And eventually, some of it starts to reach a conscious level and we become aware of it.

Beautiful Raiment

I think most of us realize that Douno is not talking about physical clothing when he says that getting us early and watching the sunrise will give us beautiful raiment. The sun is miraculous in many ways, but it isn’t a fairy godmother.

Douno is talking about our aura or light body. When we take in light from the sun, especially from the spiritual sun, or light body glows more than normal. This is the beautiful raiment he refers to. Most people can’t actually see it, but they do seem to sense it and are attracted to it. It is one reason why spiritual masters in most of the ancient mystery schools wore white robes. Those robes symbolized the raiment of light they wore that most couldn’t see.

From the Source

You can get some solar energy by eating plants and animals that have taken in the sunlight. You can get it by taking it from other living beings including people. But those are all secondary methods that don’t work that well. As Douno says, it is best to get those natural energies directly from the source. That means getting light from the sun. Even on cloudy days, the sun is still there and still sending light. So keep your raiment strong, white, and full of energy.


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