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“There is a manifestation of energy or force (in the from of vibrations) in every mental or emotional state. This is true not only in the case of deep thought or vivid feeling, but also in the case of general mental ‘feelings.’ and emotional states. During such manifestations there is a radiation of mental or emotional vibrations from the brain or nervous centers of the system, which flows out in all directions just as do light and wireless electricity. The principal seats of these radiations are (1) the several brains of man, viz., the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the medula oblongata, respectfully; and (2) the several great centers of nerve substance in the human system, called the plexi such as the solar plexus, etc.

“The vibrations rising from emotional excitement are sent out principally from the plexi. … Those arising from the more strictly mental states emanate from certain centers of the brain.” `William Walker Atkinson

Mental Energy

Mental energy is no longer a weird idea of mystics and spiritual people. It is completely accepted by science. Brain waves are a real thing. But is isn’t just the brain that is sending out energy waves. Our nerve centers, which Atkinson calls “plexi,” are areas where many nerves are centered. Today, the accepted plural of plexus is plexuses. The best known of these is the solar plexus, but we have several others. These all send and receive mental energy of different frequencies. These energies can be picked up by others and sometimes understood on some level. In other cases, they can affect other beings including animals, plants, and even inanimate things. It is a basic law of science that energy does work. The energy we send out from our brain and nerve centers are no different.

Radiation of Vibration

Thought waves do emanate in all directions from our brain and nerve centers constantly. Some believe this means they can control the world around them with their thoughts. What their equation is missing is that everyone else is sending out thoughts or mental energy. All of those thoughts together are controlling the world to a large degree. But the thoughts of one person do very little. Especially if it is just an ordinary person with a normal level of energy and vibrations.

Deep and Spiritual Thought

The reason about 99% of people who use manifesting techniques to try to make things happen fail is because there are so many other people countering your thoughts. Only if your thoughts are concentrated for some time and pushed from the plexuses with much energy are they likely to have any significant effect. Learning to concentrate is not that difficult. Getting more energy is.

One way to get more energy into those thought waves is to work with others. When a group of people all concentrate on the same goal, they might have enough energy to counter those contrary and random thoughts of millions of other people. Another way is to develop your spiritual self. A spiritual person takes in more life energy and therefore sends thoughts out with more energy. But the spiritual person doesn’t steal energy from other people, animals, or even trees. They get energy from the sun. It is the sun’s job to send us energy. It is not the purpose of animals and plants. And truly spiritual people get energy from the spiritual sun, or Sun of Righteousness, which is more powerful than the energy of the physical sun.

It is said that a spiritual master can counter the negative thoughts of thousands of regular people with his mental energy. Imagine what could be done if we get a dozen spiritual masters to concentrate together on a single goal. That goal will be the transformation of man and planet Earth back into spirit. In can happen. Let’s all hope it does. And to increase the odds of it happening, lets all work to make ourselves more spiritual. Who knows, we might be one of those spiritual masters waiting to be developed.


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