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“The thought of a man has a transforming power. The good, right, nice thought can transform your desperation into a quiet and pleasant condition.

“The thought of a man is a magic wand with which you can create miracles When you lose it, you lose everything.

“God will help you after you have tried everything. What is impossible for a man is possible for God. …

“People become stupid when they ask idols and made-up gods for help. And what do they get from them? They get nothing, and in addition, they lose whatever they have. Pray to the live God, to the Great Consciousness, which is perfection.” ~Biensa Douno

“All phenomena are the products of Consciousness. … Since Consciousness is the source of all life, being and form, energy and matter, any application of this Force has unlimited power in the universe. … We cannot understand the world through our sense perceptions only through Consciousness is this possible.” ~Gene Savoy

Great Consciousness

First, we have to clear up what we mean by consciousness. Some people think in terms of the human brain-mind with its conscious and subconscious parts. They then assume that consciousness is a reference to the conscious mind of man. It isn’t.

Consciousness is something that exists outside of us. It exists without us. It existed before man. It will exist after physical man is long gone. Consciousness is singular. There is only one. But since consciousness created all that exists, there is some consciousness in everything. There is consciousness in the conscious mind, but the two are not the same.

The Great Consciousness is the one consciousness that created everything. It is also called Divine Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness. Some call it the consciousness of God. Other say that it is God, that God is the Great Consciousness and nothing else. However you think of it, the point remains the same. The Great Consciousness crated all and we are part of it. That is not to say that each of us individually is the Great Consciousness. We are a small part of it. All of the little bits of consciousness found in all that exists put together make up the Great consciousness.

Our Consciousness

While individually, we are but a tiny piece of the one consciousness, we can be more. With proper training, and an open mind, we can develop the ability to access almost all of the Great Consciousness. This gives us access to great truth and knowledge, that knowledge that some call Gnosis. This knowledge can’t be found in books anymore than out minds can be shut up in books.

Idols and Man-made Gods

I wouldn’t go as far as Douno and call those who pray to false gods stupid. Ignorant is a better term to use. They do not intentionally pray to idols and false gods. That would be stupid. They pray to the gods their preachers, elders, parents or governments have told them to pray to. They believe in those gods. The fact they they were made up to control the masses is something that rarely enters their head.

Fortunately, the real God, the Great Consciousness, is loving and understanding. He does not get angry or jealous because we worship false gods. It’s the false gods that do that. God is tolerant and forgiving. He doesn’t punish us. But we punish ourselves. When we turn to false idols created in Man’s image, we don’t learn the secrets we need to learn. We don’t learn what the Great Consciousness has to teach us. Us a result, we don’t grow, we don’t advance. We stay trapped in illusion like the people in Plato’s Cave.

Power of Consciousness

Savoy says there is great power in consciousness. The catch is knowing how to access it and how to use it. This is what the great mystery schools have taught throughout the ages. The Pythagorian school, the Essene school, Plato’s Academy, and many others. Most of the ancient Gnostic schools taught this as well, though some modern ones have lost the way.

The danger is that this great power of consciousness is neutral. It can, therefore, be used for good or evil. That is why it’s secrets are not reveal to just everyone, or even to a few chosen at random. Instead, students must be carefully selected and taught a little at a time as their instructor deems them ready for the knowledge. Their teacher must also assure that they will not turn to using the power for evil. That is why most of this knowledge is never put into books unless it is coded with allegory. So if you think you have learned all the wisdom of the Great Consciousness form a book by a currently popular spiritual writer, think again.


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