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“There is an eternal contrariety between Darkness and Light. Neither of them comprehends the other, and neither of them is the other; and yet there is only one essence, being, or substance, wherein they both subsist. But there is a difference in the quality and will; yet the essence or substance is not divided, but a principle makes the division. So that the one is a nothing in the other, and yet it is there, but not manifest in the property of that thing wherein it is.

“For the Devil continued in his own dominion or principality, not indeed is that wherein God created him, but in the aching painful birth of eternity, in the center of Nature and property of Wrath, in the property which begetteth darkness, anguish, and pain. … He is a prince … in the Kingdom of Darkness.” ~Jacob Boehme

Contrary Darkness and Light

Those who embrace the duality of the physical world as normal and intentional consider light and darkness as being complimentary. They see it as being two sides of the same coin. But Boehme seems to disagree with that interpretation. Most mystics and mystery schools throughout the ages would agree with Boehme.

While it may seem like darkness and light are complimentary, that is true only in the physical realm, and them only as part of the great illusion. On higher, spiritual plains of existence, there is no darkness at all. And, surprise! Light functions just fine without it. In fact, the Light is far more powerful without the resistance of darkness.

Neither Comprehends the Other

It is true that in terms of forces, the contrary darkness and light do not understand each other. The exist separately and without communicating with the other. But when we look at beings of light and darkness, it’s a different story.

The beings of darkness are fully aware of the beings of light. They are jealous of them because they know that light is far more powerful than the dark. They also know that light is permanent while darkness is temporary. Yet few of them are willing to leave the darkness. That will change.

The Light beings are also aware of those of darkness. They are not jealous of them at all. Nor do they fear them, for they know their power is limited. What they feel for their lost brothers and sisters is love and pity, not fear or anger. They want nothing more than to turn the lost ones back to the light. They have started to succeed. Every year some of the lost souls of the dark realm are convinced to go back to the light. Eventually, all will and darkness will end. That, of course, means that the realm of matter will end. It won’t be destroyed, it will be transformed into spirit and light.

Painful Birth

Boehme is saying that while the Devil, or fallen angels, dwell in a land of darkness, they did not originate their. They came from heaven, as did all souls. But when they decided to create on their own, they extended the existing universe into lower dimensions of matter and darkness. They also caused themselves to fall into a lower realm: the fourth dimension, just above us in the third dimension. You might think they they would fall even lower than us, but it is because they were once angels that they didn’t fall that far.

Boehme calls this fall a “painful birth”. I don’t thing it can be called a birth, but they dis undergo great changes when they fell. They care very different in form and substance now than they were as angels in Heaven. Yet they still operate at a frequency slightly higher than us. Yet they are in darkness even more than we are, for they can remember their former glory when they were in Heaven.

Fading Darkness

The good news is that the contrary darkness is fading as the light spreads into the realms of matter The process of transforming matter back into spirit has begun. No one knows how long this will take. It could be 100 years, it could be a thousand. But it will happen. And those who cling to the contrary darkness will die with it.


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