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“If the Devil had been created out of the wrathful matrix, for and in Hell, and had not had the Divine Essence, he could have no pain in hell. But he, being created for and in Heaven, and yet having stirred up the Source or Property of Darkness in himself, and thereby brought himself totally into Darkness, therefore the Light is now a pain to him; that is, it causes an everlasting Despair of God’s Grace, and a continual Enmity to God; because God cannot endure him in Himself, but hath cast him out.

“Therefore, the Devil is angry and wrathful against his own Mother, of those essence and substance he hath his original, viz. Eternal Nature. … And seeing he would not bear his part in promoting the Divine Joy, in and for which he was created, therefore he must now do the contrary, and be an enemy to all goodness.” ~Jacob Boehme

Wrathful Matrix of Matter

We have nearly all hear of the Matrix. If not the spiritual version, then at least the movie version starring Keanu Reeves. But what is the wrathful matrix of matter? Boehme gives it that name out of the idea that it was created by the wrath of God. But it wasn’t created by God’s anger, but by a violation of God’s Law. When you stick your hand in fire, you get burned. That is not because the fire is angry with you.

Perhaps what Boehme meant is that the world created by the fallen angels is a world of wrath because of the horrors that happen in it. We are talking, of course, about the world of matter. A world of death, disease, and a dog-eat-dog attitude is indeed a wrathful one.

The Devil’s Creation

Boehme is saying that the devil, having been created in Heaven, is angry now that he has been banished from that realm. If Lucifer had been created on Earth, in the Wrathful Matrix of matter, he wouldn’t be so angry about not being in Heaven anymore. He would have no reason to miss heaven because he would not remember what being there was like. Satan is a different story. He is actually the son of Lucifer, not another name for the same being. And having never been to heaven, Satan has no great desire to go there.

The Times Are Changing

Boehme says “the Devil”, that is Lucifer, lives in “ everlasting Despair of God’s Grace”. That was true for a great many years. Satan has no wish to return to heaven since he has no memory of ever being there. His father, Lucifer is a different story.

It didn’t take long after The Fall for Lucifer to regret his actions in causing it and getting kicked out of Heaven as a result. For many centuries, he dreamed of returning to heaven, but couldn’t face the karmic debt he would have to pay to do so. We are now in the End Times and that has changes. Lucifer has decided the karmic debt is worth paying if it gets him back into heaven. He has, therefore, began paying that debt so he can live in Heaven again. But that doesn’t leave us without a Devil. Satan has that role, and he is worse than his father since he has no regrets about not being in heaven.

Not a History Lesson

But Jacob Boehme is not a historian. He doesn’t wish to give us lessons in the history of creation. He tells this story as a cautionary tale. It is a warning for us to not make the same mistakes Lucifer made, and the ongoing mistakes of his son, Satan.

We are in the matrix of matter. That is something we cannot deny. We just have to make the best of it. But making the best of it doesn’t mean rejection the spiritual entirely and becoming complete materialists. That is, in essence, hat Satan has done. We have to function in the physical world, but we don’t have to embrace it like a lover. Our spirits and souls are the real Us, the eternal Us. We need to embrace them and work on their development while still trapped in the world of matter. You don’t become an expert mountain climber by learning how to swim. You don’t prepare for heaven by learning materialism.


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