Fantasies and Speculations Don’t Bring Enlightenment

“Whereas the enlightened man, by virtue of the Divine Light, is simple and stable and free from curious considerations, these others are manifold and restless and full of subtle reasonings and reflections, and they do not taste inward unity, nor the satisfaction which is without images. …

:Whereas the enlightened man possesses a wisdom impoured by God, wherein he knows and distinguishes the truth without effort, these [other] men have shrewd and sudden notions, with which they work their imagination, and which they display and develop with much cunning. But their ground is barren and they cannot bring forth fruitful doctrine. … And thereby inward men are troubled and led astray. They neither lead nor point to unity; but they teach subtle observations in multiplicity.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Simple and Stable

Humility is the crown worn by the awakened person. We shouldn’t say “enlightened”, because enlightenment is not something that happens suddenly like turning on a light switch. It is a process that continues for many years. It even continue after physical death, if we are already on that path when we die.

Spiritual people are simple because they understand that the world of matter is illusion. Therefore, the collection of material wealth doesn’t appeal to them. It would be like a child collecting comic books. Most of us grow up and lose interest in such things. We don’t get stuck in fantasy.

Spiritual people are also stable people. Not just in the sense of being mentally stable, but also emotionally. They rarely get angry, jealous, or envious. At least not to the point of being overwhelmed by it. We may feel sadness, or even some anger, when we see animals being abused, but we rarely get overwhelmed by it. Most of us know the story of Jesus getting angry at the temple and throwing over the tables of the money changers and animal vendors. Few understand that he was angry about all those innocent animals being killed in a mockery of true religion. Even fewer understand that when it was over, Jesus was shocked with himself for becoming so emotional, and went off into the wilderness to be alone and recover. Continue reading “Fantasies and Speculations Don’t Bring Enlightenment”

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Cave Bound in Illusions and Lies

“Shame on you, prisoners, for you are bound in caves. You laugh, you rejoice in mad laughter. You do not perceive your destruction. Neither do you perceive your plight, nor have you understood that you are in darkness and death. Rather, you are drunk with fire and full of bitterness. Your hearts are deranged because of the smoldering that is within you, and you delight in your enemies’ poison and blows. Darkness has risen in you like light, for you have surrendered your freedom to slavery. You have darkened your hearts. You have given in to foolishness, and you have filled your minds with the smoke of the fire within. And your light has been hidden by the dark cloud.

“You love the garment that you wear, although it is filthy, and you are gripped by nonexistent hope. You have believed in what you do not know. You all live in bondage but pride yourselves in your freedom. You have baptized your souls in the water of darkness. You have pursued your own wishes. “Shame on you who are in error, not seeing that the light of the sun, which judges the universe and looks down on the universe, will encircle everything to make slaves of the enemies. Nor do you perceive how the moon looks down night and day, seeing the bodies of your slaughters. “Shame on you who love intercourse.” ~The Book of Thomas

Bound in Caves

Yes, we are cave bound . Most of us anyway. Some are caves of our own making. Some are made for us by the society we live in, our parents, our teachers, and so on. They are caves because they are a false view of reality. Just as the people in Plato’s Cave thought the shadows on the cave wall were reality, so we believe that our illusions are reality. This prevents us from seeing what is real. And we share our illusions with others, helping to build a communal cave.

Today, there actually seems to be a large number of people who do this intentionally. They don’t really care what is true and what is false. They listen to those who tell them what they want to hear, with no regard for the reality of it.

Mad Laughter

Part of being cave bound is convincing us that things that actually of no importance at all are very important, while those that are truly important are largely ignored. For example, We are taught that entertainment and sports are just about the most important thing in the world. We hold parades for the winners of a football game. They are invited to the White House. Money is paid to them in huge amounts. The same is true of actors and singers. We are led to believe that having fun is what life is all about. And while we laugh and dance in our caves, the rich and powerful rob us blind.

The demons and other dark beings and forces also love keeping us in such caves. If we enjoy our prisons, we see no need to escape. If we stay distracted, we don’t even look for a way out. Continue reading “Cave Bound in Illusions and Lies”

follow the way, Illuminator

Follow the Way for Full Soul Realization

“Do not come to us holding heathen gods in your heart, even though they are within a hidden and closed recess. Purge yourselves of all false beliefs outside the gate.

“Here, all are to practice the way to full soul realization in common Here, truth will bind one with the other. Humility, modesty and justice will govern our lives. There is to be no straying of heart and eye towards improper and unworthy things. Every man is to command or obey according to his rank.

“If anyone is found to have lied upon admittance, … amends are to be made by labor. … If anyone lie with intent to deceive, or if injury or sorrow be caused to another, amends will be made by labor. …

“If anyone defame another behind his back, he is to make amends by labor.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:20:24-29)

Heathen Gods

This line has both a literal meaning and an allegorical one. Spiritual students are being advised to not worship false gods. But allegorically, it means that you must free yourself of all false beliefs, spiritual or not. If you cling to old beliefs, you can’t accept new ones.

You might ask, “How do I know which beliefs are false?”. In many cases, you can’t. At least not until you have truly awakened your spirit and soul. What you can do is be open-minded and accept that many things you were taught, and believed all your life, are simply not true. Some are exaggerations. Others are confused versions of the truth. Some are complete fantasies. They cannot be replaced with truth until we accept that they may be false. As Oriental teachers say, you must empty your cup before it can be refilled. Continue reading “Follow the Way for Full Soul Realization”

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A Better Life of Truth, Wisdom, and Constant Growth

“There’s a common misunderstanding among all the human beings who have ever been on the earth that the best way to live is to try to avoid pain and just try to get comfortable. You can see this even in insects and animals and birds. All of us are the same.

“A much more interesting kind adventurous, and joyful approach to life is to begin to develop our curiosity, not caring whether the object f our inquisitiveness is bitter or sweet. To lead a life that goes beyond pettiness and prejudice and always wanting to make sure that everything turns out on our terms, to lead a more passionate, full, and delightful life than that, we must realize we can endure a lot f pain and pleasure for the sake of finding out who we are and what this world is, how we tick and how our world ticks.” ~Pema Chödrön


It’s true, of course. Most beings on this planet, including humans, seek comfort and pleasure as their only goal. Some animals spend all their waking hours seeking food. It is their only comfort, their only pleasure. Some more advanced animals can put up with a little pain if they think it will bring them comfort. A horse will tolerate people riding it because it will get food and a comfortable place to sleep from those people.

But pleasure and comfort shouldn’t be the goal at all. If it was, we are in the wrong place for that. No matter how hard we seek comfort, we will still end up getting diseases, being involved in wars, and eventually dying. We can’t hide from the pains of the material world. Instead, we can choose to accept those painful experiences which will lead us to spiritual wisdom and truth.

A Better Life

A better way to live is to accomplish. Whether you accomplish on the physical level, the spiritual level, or both, we need to accomplish. And in order to truly accomplish, we need to learn. We need to learn about the world we live in. Most of all, we need to learn about ourselves. In order to do that, we can’t live a life of comfort and ease. We have to face challenges. Hiding from pain is not the goal. Both physical and mental pain must be accepted. It is part of the growth process. Continue reading “A Better Life of Truth, Wisdom, and Constant Growth”