Dimensions of Matter and Spirit in a Multi-Dimensional Universe

“The universe is made up of successive gradations of good, these gradations ascending from matter, (which is the least degree of good) to spirit (which is the greatest) degree of good). In man, his superior nature is the summum bonum. It therefore follows that his highest nature most readily recognizes good because the good external to him in the world is in harmonic ratio with the good present in hos soul. What man terms evil is therefore, in common with matter, merely the least degree of its own opposite. The least degree of good presupposes likewise the least degree of harmony and beauty. Thus deformity (evil) is really the least harmonious combination of elements naturally harmonic as individual units.” ~Manly P. Hall

Multi-Dimensional Universe

What Mr. Hall calls “gradations” of the universe, most of us refer to as dimensions. While I have known for some time that the dimensions increased in the level of spirit as they get higher, I never thought of equating that with levels of goodness. It does make sense to do so, however.

One thing that Hall didn’t get quite right is that the lowest dimension is one of pure matter. There is a dimension lower that matter and that is the Great Void. Nothing at all can exist there. Yet is does serve a purpose. When descending life forms reach the end of their cycles of rebirth, they fall toward this lowest dimension. But since nothing can exist their, they bounce off and up to the eighth dimension to start the journey again.

The lowest dimension with something in it is the one of pure matter. That is the one called Hell, and is just one level below us. The third dimension that we are in is the lowest one with enough spirit left to turn around and head back up to higher dimensions. Each successive dimension has more spirit and less matter. Each dimension higher is also a higher level of consciousness. The goal is to reach the highest level and reunite with God.

Highest Nature

Our highest nature is indeed spiritual. That is also the part of us which is, therefore, the most good. Logically then, the least good among us are the ones who totally embrace the land of matter and become materialists.

So if good is spirit and spirit is the most good, the smartest thing we can do is to develop our spiritual self and start the long journey up to higher dimensions. This is not something that just happens by accident. Nor does it happen simply because you die on the physical level. You can’t fall asleep in New York and wake up in London just because you wish for it. You have to make an effort to travel across the ocean by plane or ship. And good luck finding someone to give you a free ride.

Our highest nature has been shoved to the background by our many centuries trapped in the realm of matter. We therefore need to work hard to pull it forward and truly activate it. Just declaring yourself awakened, as so many love to do on social media, doesn’t make it true. Wishing for it isn’t good. Wanting something you haven’t worked for is a form of greed. Greed is never good. So start working to reach a real awakening, to reach the higher dimensions, to reach the good.

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Involution and Evolution From a Spiritual View Point

“Involution is turning away from God, and evolution is returning to God. Involution is leaving home and going to work Evolution is returning home from work with the experience that one has acquired. Moving down means moving into darkness climbing up is rising toward the Light.

“The story of the fall of man into error is one of the greatest mysteries of life. The story has a symbolic bearing upon the issue of involution. It concerns the time when man was with God and dwelt among the angels. …

“For as long as you were outside the material world, you were idealists: you strived toward God and desired to sacrifice, to share everything. Nevertheless, when you descended into the material world, you forgot everything. In the process of descending, you lost something.” ~Biensa Douno

Devolution, Involution and Evolution

Douno chose to use the word “involution” rather than “Devolution” to describe the great fall and the opposite of evolution. An interesting choice.

Involution is defined as: the act or instance of enfolding or entangling. An inward curvature or penetration, a shrinking or returning to a former size. From the first part of that definition, we can see that an entangling, or attachment, with mater causes one to descend into matter. The inward curvature part is here we began to trust our individual self rather than God and the angels. And descending into matter is certainly a shrinking from what we were as pure spirits. Nevertheless, I think it is cleared to most to call this activity “devolution”. We love to think we are evolving, but when we sink deeper and deeper into matter, we are actually devolving.

Returning to God

There are some complicated ideas on what constitutes evolution on the material plane. Obviously, every change, every mutation cannot be considered evolution. Most scientists say that if it improves the species, it is evolution. But what seems to be an improvement on the level of matter is often devolution on the spiritual level. Douno says evolution is returning to God. That simple definition says it all. As long as the change is moving us back to God and the realms of spirit and Light, it is evolution. No matter how useful it may seem, movement in the opposite direction is devolution (or involution). Continue reading “Involution and Evolution From a Spiritual View Point”

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Lost Souls are Finding Themselves

“What can it be that has brought the souls to forget the Father, God, and, though members of the Divine and entirely of that world, to ignore at once themselves and it?

“The evil that has overtaken them has its source in self-will, in the entry into the sphere of process, and in the primal differentiation with the desire for self ownership. They conceived a pleasure in this freedom and largely indulged their own motion; thus they were hurried down the wrong path, and in the end, drifting further and further, they came to lose even the thought of their origin in the Divine.” ~Plotinus

Lost Souls?

One mistake some spiritual philosophers such as Plotinus make is confusing the mind and the soul. The soul cannot forget God or the heavenly realm from which it came. It is part of God and part of heaven. It is the mind, which once knew much what the soul does, that has become lost. The soul is not lost, but dormant when we enter the physical world. It has to be awakened. When that happens, it knows it is connected to God. An awakened soul knows that it is part of the All. The soul doesn’t forget God, the mind forgets the soul. It may not forget that the soul exists, but it forgets how to communicate with it. Then once the soul has been awakened, it may have difficulty communicating with the mind because the mind doesn’t know how to communicate with spirit. Continue reading “Lost Souls are Finding Themselves”

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Seven Aspects of God, a Complex Being

“Seven kinds of action of Deity were perceived by Boehme, none of which were more important than the others. These were:

  1. Ungrund, the ungrounded, the hidden Mystery in all things, the transcendent aspect of Being.
  2. Primordial Divine Will, ‘Father,’ both no-thing and everything.
  3. Will made subjective, the ‘Christ’ function.
  4. Will made objective, Holy Spirit,’ movement and life.
  5. The Trinity, the coming together or expression of the three wills giving a creative unity.
  6. Logos, or ‘the Word.’ the creative vibrational principle, i. e. ‘Let there be…’
  7. Wisdom, Sophia, the feminine principle of God. This acknowledges the androgyny of the Divine from which trinity and creation are born and exist.

Boehme himself says: ‘For I saw and knew the Being of all beings …’” ~Bernard Simon

Seven By Seven

Seven is a number we see a lot in religious and spiritual writings. It is assumed by most to be a reference to the seven energy centers (chakras) of the human body, although there are actually more than seven. Here we see that Jacob Boehme, from whom I quote often, lists a different Holy Seven: the “actions” or aspects of God. If you consider these seven aspects closely, you will see that they relate to steps and methods of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Aspects of God

Boehme’s list of God’s aspect is not the only one. Other have made similar lists. Who can say which is the best one. These lists, after all, are from a human point-of-view. I was told once by a Hindu priest that the many gods of their religion are really just aspects of the one God. Perhaps Egyptian, Greek, Roman and other ancient pantheons are the same.

God is Complex

The point of it all is that God is a very complex being. So complex, we should be reluctant to even call him a being because that term is too limiting. Because we cannot comprehend that complexity, we make it simple on ourselves by looking only at one aspect of God. After studying one aspect, we should move on to another. Many don’t do that. They start to think that a single aspect of God is the whole package. They think God is only male, never female. Or they may think that God is only Divine Will, the Big Boss in the sky giving orders and demanding obedience.

Understanding Aspects of God

When we look at only one or two aspects of god, we get a very warped image. We need to make an effort to recognize and understand all the aspects. At least as far as human minds can understand. Of course, the best way to do this is to awaken and develop our spirit and soul. Only the soul can truly understand God. The mind can only speculate and have opinions.

Divine Will

Divine Will is another way of saying God has a Plan. This plan is for the redemption of the universe of matter. It needs to return to the spiritual realm from which it “fell”. Those who work for the completion of that plan are living according to God’s Will.

Will is a lot like ego. Some spiritual schools teach that the ego must be destroyed in order to develop our spiritual side. That is like saying that id we want to make a rear-wheel drive car into a front-wheel drive, we have to remove and destroy the rear wheels. Wrong. Turn it into an all-wheel drive vehicle. The will/ego is a useful tool when controlled by the soul.

Mystery and Wisdom

It is curious that these two aspects of God are first and last on the list. It is like they are the bookends that hold the rest of it together. In any case, the goal of the mystery schools and their teachings is to reach a state of wisdom and understanding. Not so we can boast about being better than others, but so we can aid others n their spiritual growth. And, of course, so we can help in the fulfillment of God’s Great Plan.