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“To love God means to love wisdom and truth. We can love God in no other way than in being obedient to Divine law; and to enable us to exercise that obedience conscientiously requires knowledge of the law, which can only be gained by practice.

“As the sun without leaving his place in the sky sends his rays upon the earth to shine upon the pure and impure, and to illuminate even the most minute material objects with his light; likewise the spirit of man may send his mental rays into matter to obtain knowledge of all terrestrial things.” ~Franz Hartmann

Love Wisdom and Truth

Almost everyone agrees that we should love wisdom and truth. Or at least that we should seek wisdom and truth. The problem is that there is little understanding of what it means when a prophet or spiritual teacher speaks of wisdom and truth.

Some will tell you that truth is simply seeing through the lies we have been fed for centuries. While that is a good start, recognizing the lies doesn’t mean you know truth. Some will say that wisdom is simply acting on the truth, as best as you understand it. The problem there is that many are calling it wisdom when they act on what they believe to be true, but it isn’t.

Divine Law

Yes, there is such a thing as Divine Law. It is God’s Law. Unlike man’s law, it cannot be avoided with bribes and crooked police. On the other hand, it is not flawed like man’s law often is, designed to benefit the rich and powerful and help them control the masses. God is perfect and His law is perfect. Those who are spiritually awakened know this. That is why they willingly obey Divine Law.

Like the Sun

As Hartmann says, the sun does not leave its place in the sky, yet shines on everyone. It doesn’t choose who to shine on based on religion, nationality or skin color. It shines on everyone. This is even more so of the spiritual sun. It shines on everyone, everywhere, at all times. Because it is spirit, it is not limited by space and time.

While the physical sun shines on everyone, some choose to hide from it. They stay inside during the day. Others cover themselves with sunscreen when they do go out. They limit the benefits they get from the physical sun with this behavior.

Something similar happens with the spiritual sun. Similar, but not the same. The spiritual sun shines on all of us. If we try to be spiritual and want that spiritual light in us, we will absorb it readily. If we are not spiritual, if we are angry, jealous, or just materialistic, we block most of that light. A little will be absorbed anyway, but not enough for significant spiritual growth. Those negative beliefs and emotions are like big hats and umbrellas that block the physical sun, but they are blocking the spiritual one. Eventually, however, even the most materialistic folks will awaken. At least we hope they can because the alternative is that they die. They will not be able to live in a world transformed to the spiritual. So love wisdom, love God and the spiritual sun that carries His Light.


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