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“For God hath not created us for ourselves alone, but to be instruments of His Wonders, by which He desires to manifest His Wonders. The resigned will trust God and expect all good from Him alone; but Self-Will rules itself, for it is broken off from God. … It has gone out of that order wherein He created it, into disobedience, and desires to be its own lord and master.

“When a man’s own will dies from itself, then it is free from sin, for it desires nothing but that which God desires, desires only to do that for which God hath created it and that which God will do by it; and though it must be involved in the doing, it must be the instrument of the Doing, by which God what He will.” ~Jacob Boehme

Instruments of God

Many people don’t like the idea that we should serve God and follow His will. They think they should be able to exercise free will at all times. They want to do everything their way. That is the same attitude that resulted in the great fall.

If you are a computer programmer, you probably will pay a thousand dollars or more to attend some programming seminar taught by a recognized expert on the particular subject. A medical student would do the same with a famous doctor. If you are a welder working on the construction of a new building, you follow the plans of the architect, not your own. Most of us are perfectly willing to listen to a recognized human expert and follow their direction or advice. Yet we don’t like being told to follow the will of God. Even though God is the highest expert in all fields, especially spiritual growth, we don’t want to follow His Plan. But to refuse to do so limits our growth and will likely result in us following the dark being instead, even if we are not aware that we are doing so.

Being instruments of God doesn’t mean we are puppets or play things. It means we are co-creators of a better universe. An instrument of God isn’t being manipulated like a hammer or screwdriver. Instead, God is sharing His great Plan with us so that we can choose to help.

But there are many people in the world. God isn’t going to waste time on the stubborn, egotistical ones. If you refuse to be part of His Plan, he will find someone else who will.

His Wonders

What does Boehme mean by “His Wonders”? Some think it is creations of matter. It isn’t. God’s wonders are spiritual, not material. The “creation” of matter was done by the fallen angels, not God. And it isn’t true creation, but a transformation of what already existed. In this case, a negative transformation. Most of all, God creates the spiritual light which powers the hologram that is the all. That light awakens and feeds the spirit and soul. Now God wants us to help transform the fallen realm of matter back into spirit.

Man’s Will

I don’t think the human will has to die before we can develop our spiritual self. It needs to be kept in check and controlled by the soul. But even though we are spiritual, we still need to function in the materialistic world. For that, we need to keep our personal will, or ego, operating. Our spiritual self has no interest in the physical world, so unless we plan to enter a monastery, or otherwise stay away from the worldly types, we need to keep our will alive.


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