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“If you are healed of the breach caused by the fall, you are severed first from the passions and then from impassioned thoughts. Next you are severed from nature and the inner principles of nature, then from conceptual images and the knowledge relating to them. Lastly, when you have passed through the manifold principles relating to divine providence, you attain thought unknowing the very principle of divine unity. Then the intellect contemplates only its own immutability, and rejoices with an unspeakable joy because it has received the peace of God which transcends all intellect and which ceaselessly keeps him who has been granted it from falling.” ~The Philokalia

Healed of the Breach

Many of our problems were caused by and during the great Fall when we fell into the realm of matter. One of them is that when we are born into a physical body, our soul and spirit are in a dormant state similar to being in a coma. In order to be “healed of the breach,” they must be awakened. Not simply declared awakened. Not fantasized awakened. Actually awakened. And the power that does that is the light of God that reaches us primarily through the spiritual sun.

Severed from Passions

Why would we want to be severed from passions? Isn’t being passionate about something a good thing? Well, sometimes it is, but often it isn’t.

Many people believe that emotions are one of the highest brain functions of man They think that animals can’t have emotions. They are wrong on both counts. Emotions come from a primitive part of the brain. A part that exists in most animals except the very simply ones that don’t have much of a brain at all.

While emotions can help us empathize with other beings, they often do the opposite. That doesn’t mean we should destroy our emotions. As with the ego, emotions need to be kept in check with higher faculties, not destroyed. So being severed from passions doesn’t mean we don’t have emotions. It means we keep them in their place.

Severed from Nature?

Is being severed from nature a good thing? Most spiritual people don’t think so. I don’t think so. But I don’t think the author of his section of the Philokalia means it either. I believe he is saying that we need to free ourselves from our primitive animal nature, not all connections with nature. Of course, we can’t truly sever ourselves from that animal nature. As long as we have a physical body, we are part animal. We have to accept that and deal with it. Pretending that it isn’t true doesn’t make things better.

Much like those primitive emotions, we need to let our superior Self control our lower, animal self. When the lower self is in charge, we live with fear, greed, jealousy and other negative thoughts and emotions. We get over that by letting our spiritual faculties control the lower ones. Of course, we can’t do that until we awaken those spiritual faculties. But if we want to be healed of the breach, we must do that. It isn’t just going to happen.

Peace of God

Yes, when you gain that divine knowledge and become one in unity with the All, you have peace. Not just peace as in a lack of war, but internal peace. You have the peace of understanding who you are and what you are. You are at peace with yourself, and that is the greatest peace of all. Now you have healed the breach for yourself. You must now help others do the same.


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