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“The enlightened man shall faithfully and discreetly teach and instruct, reprove and serve, all men; for he bears in him a love towards all. And thereby is he a mediator between God and all men. And then he shall turn wholly inwards upon himself with all the saints and with all the just, and possess in peace the unity of his spirit, and therefore the most high Unity of God, wherein all spirits rest. This is a true ghostly life; for all the degrees and all the virtues, inward as well as outward, and the highest powers of the soul, are supernaturally adorned by it in a right and profitable way.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

The Enlightened Man

First, let me say that calling this spiritually developed person “Enlightened” is not the best choice of words. Enlightenment is a gradual process with many levels. When one simply calls a person Enlightened, that is usually taken to mean complete enlightenment. But no one living in the world of matter has achieved that level of consciousness. So simply think of this as meaning one who has become considerably more enlightened than the average person, though she hasn’t achieved ultimate and total enlightenment.


The Spiritual person is a mediator in two ways. First, for those not ready to do it for themselves, he brings God’s light down to the earthly plane, then sends some of it out to others embedded with positive thoughts. Second, he helps others find the path that will lead them to enlightenment. We can’t give others truth and wisdom, but we can guide them towards it.

Peace of Unity

It is sad how many people complain on spiritual groups on social media about feeling lonely and isolated because they have become spiritual and no longer fit in in the world of materialism. Frankly, I suspect that most of these people never really fit in very well anyway. The important thing is that no one who has developed their spiritual side should be feeling lonely. The spiritual person is united with all other beings, with all of creation. He is one with nature and one with man. She is one with the angels and one with the ascended masters. Most of all, the spiritual person is one with God. And God is All. Once we began to understand that, not on an intellectual level but much deeper, we can never be lonely. The enlightened man (or woman) is a person of unity. And there is great peace in unity.

Ghostly Life

I think at the time of Ruysbroeck, the terms ghost and spirit meant the same thing. To many people today, they still do. That belief is incorrect. A person’s ghost and her spirit are two completely different things. So what Ruysbroeck is really talking about is the spirit, not the ghost.

What he is saying is that this life he has described of unity, truth, and wisdom is the true life of the spiritual person. It is not being a fortune-teller. It is not making objects manifest. Those are psychic things, not spiritual. The enlightened man is spiritual. That means he develops his spiritual faculties: the spirit and soul.

A Profitable Way

The enlightened person does use his spiritual faculties in “a profitable way”. This is not a reference to money. Not that money is necessarily evil,but it isn’t what Ruysbroeck means. By “profitable,” he simply means that the spiritual person does what benefits himself the most. That means that it not only benefits him, but other like-minded people, and really all of the world. When we do things that, on the material level, seem to benefit us, but are harming others or harming the planet, we actually do not benefit at all. So live in a profitable way, one that is spiritual and therefore long-term profitable.


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