divine treasure, spiritual treasure

“Think about the Divine and accept the Divine in you. Whoever accepts the Divine will easily progress; who does not accept it will enter a street with no exit.

”If you believe, think, and work, something good will come out of you, but if you don’t, nothing good will come out of you. …

“In the materialistic world, people look for logic and proof in order to get things clear and understand, and then they believe in them. In the Divine world, the process is the opposite. First comes the belief, and then things become clear to you.

“The most valuable treasure we may have is Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love.” ~Biensa Douno

Accept the Divine

No matter how much you study, you will never be a good doctor if you don’t believe you can. You will never be a good singer if you don’t believe it possible. And you will never experience much spiritual growth if you don’t believe in yourself. Part of that belief must be accepting the divinity within you. That does not mean you should start thinking that you are God—that is a path of egotism. You think instead that you are a part of God and are destined to rejoin with the Father/Mother when you have grown enough.

Spiritual Progress

Accepting God and our connection to Divinity does make it easier to follow a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. It may be possible to make some progress on that path without recognizing Divinity, but not much. Failure to accept Divinity also makes it easier for dark forces and beings to send us down a false path, a dead-end path that, as Douno puts it, has no exit. You just keep going around and around in circles, not really making any progress at all. No different from those hooked on the teachings of most popular churches.

Opposite Process

Douno says that is the material world, people use logic and their senses to understand the world around them. They believe in something only after they have evidence of it through the physical senses. While that is often true, there are exceptions. We do believe in some things without any real proof and little evidence. Things like aliens, Bigfoot and fairies. But even when we limit that to the physical realm, the sense can easily be misled. Optical illusions are examples of that.

With spiritual things, they are generally unseen by materialistic people. They can only be seen if you believe they exist, or at least that they are possible. When you disbelieve, your own mind is blocking them. So Douno is partly correct in saying that it is the opposite with spiritual things and you have to believe before you can experience it. What you really need is an open mind that accepts sch things, not more belief in things without proof.


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