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“If you wish to comprehend light, walk where light walks. Does light enter only royal palaces? It enters into clean and unclean places. Light does not stop at anything – it penetrates into the most hidden places to enlighten and enliven them. This is great humility. Man should learn humility from light.

“Get up early! Go out! Greet the sun! What wonderful things are hidden with the rising sun! If one goes out regularly in the morning, he will receive inspiration.

“In order to get healed, the sick one should purify his blood. He should undertake this work himself. How? By breathing pure air, exposing his back to the Sun, and eating pure and healthy food.

“In the morning there is always more prana, or vital energy, then at noon.” ~Biensa Douno

Comprehend Light

We do need to comprehend light. The first thing we need to understand is that not all light is the same. For our purposes, we can thing of light as being of two kinds. There is physical light that is produced by physical things like the sun, the stars, or even fireflies. There is also spiritual light which originates only with God. It comes to us, however, through the spiritual Sun.

The best way to comprehend light is to pay attention to it. That means watching the sunrise of both the physical and spiritual suns. Technically, the spiritual sun never rises or sets, but because most of us think of spirits as being attached to their physical counterpart, we should look for the spiritual sun within the physical.

Where Light Goes

Light does go everywhere. It goes into happy places and sad places. It enters rich countries and poor countries. Religious beliefs doesn’t stop it from entering anyone’s house. The light of the physical sun helps weeds grow just as much as flowers and grains.

But you can put a box over the flowers and block the light. The plants will shrivel and die. Blocking darkness has no such effect. In fact, you don’t really block darkness. Darkness is pushed out by the light.

Spiritual light doesn’t work quite the same way, however. Yes, it too goes virtually everywhere. But if you are not attuned to it, it goes right through you with no effect. It is as if you are not even there. It’s like an FM radio signal hitting an old AM radio. The waves hit the radio but have no effect on it. Fortunately, while most of us don’t intentionally attune ourselves to the spiritual light, it happens occasionally anyway for brief moments. Then we will be affected.

Greet the Sun

The best way to make sure that we take in that spiritual light is to, as Douno recommends, go out and greet the sun. Don’t just be in the sun and don’t stare at the sun. In order to truly “greet the sun,” you have to view the sunrise with a positive and loving attitude. Never do sun-gazing when angry, upset, or depressed. The physical sun will just amplify those feelings. Wait until you are in a more positive mood, then you will take in light from the spiritual sun as well as the physical. You will also fill that light with those positive thoughts making you healthier on both a physical and spiritual level.


I’m not sure that one can truly purify the blood by the methods Douno recommends. There is no doubt, however, that eating healthy food (organic), exercising, and deep breathing will improve our health. Most of all, getting light from both the physical and spiritual suns will improve our health on several levels. But we still need to eat sensible and live a sensible lifestyle.


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