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“ A lost crowd I awakened, saying, You who are alive, holy offspring of Seth, understand this. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. Awaken your divinity to divinity and strengthen your undefiled chosen souls. Observe the constant change that is here and seek the unchanging state of being unborn. The father of all these beings invites you. When you are being rebuked and maltreated, he will not forsake you. Do not wash yourselves with death, nor rely on those who are inferior as if they were superior. … You have come not to suffer but to break your fetters. Break free, and what has bound you will be broken. … When you are invited, listen, for the time is short. Do not be led astray. … Get away quickly before destruction overtakes you. Look to the light, fly from the darkness. Do not be led astray to destruction.” ~The Sermon Of Zostrianos

Awakened Crowd

We are experiencing a great awakening in the world. I’m not sure we can refer to it as an awakened crowd, though. There are probably thousands who have awakened to some degree. But the population of the world is in billions. Those few thousand represent far less than one percent. On the other hand, that is probably the greatest number of awakened people on the planet in thousands of years. And as the number of awakened people continues to grow, and some of them reach the level of spiritual master, we will see the entire world began to transform.

Strengthen Your Soul

Just awakening your spirit and soul isn’t enough. You have to develop them and strengthen them. Just as we develop the mind and the muscles by using them, we develop and strengthen our spiritual faculties by using them. We also develop them b taking in spiritual light to energize them. The spiritual light that comes to us through the spiritual sun. Then you can be part of the awakened crowd.

Chosen Souls

There is a great deal of confusion and opinion about who the chosen are. Some say they are the members of one religion or another. Some say they are one race or another. But the chosen will not come from any one race, religion, or nationality. They are the ones who make the choice to work hard on their spiritual development and become part of the awakened crowd. Those who are not awakened, cannot be chosen, no matter who they are.

Wash With Death

A strange term for Zostrianos to use: “Don not wash yourself with death.” Is he telling us not to commit murder? No, that should be obvious. He simply means those who embrace matter and materialism. The world of matter is the world of death. There is no death in spirit worlds. So washing in death means becoming materialistic. Not that we can’t have a reasonable amount of material possessions, we just can’t get attached to them.

Look to the Light

Yes, we must break free of our fetters that chain us to matter. We must break free of the great illusion. And we must look to the light and avoid darkness. But not just any light. The light of a candle isn’t going to awaken us. Neither is the light of a light bulb, even if it is the best LED bulb you can get. Only the light of God, sent to us through the spiritual sun, can awaken us. Only the light can make us part of the Awakened Crowd.


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