attributes of God, part of God

“we saw what really preexists, that it really is and is the first eternal one. You, unborn, from you come the eternal ones and eternal realms, the all-perfect ones, who are established, and the perfect beings. We praise you, nonbeing, reality before realities, first being before beings, father of divinity and life, creator of mind, donor of goodness, donor of blessedness. We all praise you, you who know, with glorifying praise, you, because of whom all these are . . . who know yourself through yourself alone. There is nothing active prior to you. You are spirit, alone and living. You know the One, that we cannot speak of this One, which is yours everywhere. Your light enlightens us. Command us to see you so we may be saved. Knowledge of you is our salvation.” ~Third Stele of Seth

We Saw Reality

Most of us think we are seeing reality all the time. Unfortunately, we are mistaken. Most of the time we are seeing illusion. Over many generations, we have agreed with each other on what is real and what isn’t. We teach this to our children until they no longer see things differently. But those who are awakened start seeing things as they really are. The illusions no longer fool them. They interpret things with the soul rather than the mind that has been programmed with false information. They “see” reality because vision involves more than the eyes. The mind interprets what the eyes pick up. But when the soul is awakened, you “see” on a different level and in a different way.

Reality Before Realities

A reality before realities, a being before beings seems contradictory. In a sense, it is. But I think the author is trying to make it clear that while God is a being, He is much different than any other being. Also, while He has always existed, He was not a “reality” in the sense of having a form. Originally, God did not have being or form. He took on those attributes as perhaps His first act of creation.

Seth adds that God is the “ donor of goodness, donor of blessedness.” Goodness and blessedness comes from God. Hatred and evil do not. They were created by the Great Fall.

More Attributes of God

Seth adds that God knew Himself, through Himself, because He existed alone. This is an important point to contemplate. Most of us know ourselves largely through what others say of us or think of us. But when God was alone, how was he to know Himself. Some say all that God created is simple an attempt to know and understand Himself. Perhaps they are correct. Others argue that God already knows everything and that must include knowing Himself. Yet I still think it is possible that God is creating primarily to learn about Himself.


Seth adds that God is spirit, alone and living. Again, Seth is correct. God is spirit. Not matter. While one can say that all things come from God, there is a difference between that which He created, and that which was created by other beings that God created. The realm of matter is not a direct creation of God. It is the result of the Great Fall when certain angels decided to create without the direct instructions of God. The result is they created a flawed realm, a realm full of death, disease, and destruction. Such a place is not a part of God, even though it originated in the spiritual realms that God did create.


God was alone , and in a way, still is alone. That is because all of creation was created by God, from God. So it is all still part of God. Part of God. Declaring yourself to be God because of this is gross exaggeration and a severe ego trip.


God is living. More than that, God is life. Without God there is no life. With God there is no death. That which God creates is spirit and does not die, age, or suffer. Those things happen only in the fallen world of matter. Anything that is living is part of God. Anything that is part of God is living. Even in the fallen realm of matter all is living, even though science doesn’t recognize that fact.


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