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Healed of the Breach Caused by the Fall

“If you are healed of the breach caused by the fall, you are severed first from the passions and then from impassioned thoughts. Next you are severed from nature and the inner principles of nature, then from conceptual images and the knowledge relating to them. Lastly, when you have passed through the manifold principles relating to divine providence, you attain thought unknowing the very principle of divine unity. Then the intellect contemplates only its own immutability, and rejoices with an unspeakable joy because it has received the peace of God which transcends all intellect and which ceaselessly keeps him who has been granted it from falling.” ~The Philokalia

Healed of the Breach

Many of our problems were caused by and during the great Fall when we fell into the realm of matter. One of them is that when we are born into a physical body, our soul and spirit are in a dormant state similar to being in a coma. In order to be “healed of the breach,” they must be awakened. Not simply declared awakened. Not fantasized awakened. Actually awakened. And the power that does that is the light of God that reaches us primarily through the spiritual sun.

Severed from Passions

Why would we want to be severed from passions? Isn’t being passionate about something a good thing? Well, sometimes it is, but often it isn’t.

Many people believe that emotions are one of the highest brain functions of man They think that animals can’t have emotions. They are wrong on both counts. Emotions come from a primitive part of the brain. A part that exists in most animals except the very simply ones that don’t have much of a brain at all.

While emotions can help us empathize with other beings, they often do the opposite. That doesn’t mean we should destroy our emotions. As with the ego, emotions need to be kept in check with higher faculties, not destroyed. So being severed from passions doesn’t mean we don’t have emotions. It means we keep them in their place. Continue reading “Healed of the Breach Caused by the Fall”

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Immaterial Soul and Immaterial Nature

“I confess I am much disposed to assert the existence of immaterial natures in the world, and to place my own soul in the class of these beings. It will, hereafter, I know not where, or when, yet be proved that the human soul stands even in this life in indissoluble connection with all immaterial natures in the spirit-world, that t reciprocally acts upon these and receives impressions from them.” ~Imanuel Kant

“Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within.” ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

“I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.” `Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night Over the Rhone – Van Gogh

Immaterial Soul

Some people find it hard to accept that we can have a material body, but an immaterial soul. That attitude would make sense if the physical body and the brain-mind were entirely made of matter, but they are not. Even in the most materialistic of us, the body and mind are still partly made up of spirit. And that is a good thing. It makes it possible for us to stop our descent into matter and turn toward the higher worlds of spirit. The immaterial (spiritual) soul makes that possible. So the first task is to awaken the soul which is dormant when we enter the physical realm.

Immaterial Nature

Just as we have a spirit and soul, Nature also has a spiritual side, as does everything in Nature. Animals have spirits. Plants have spirits. Even rocks and rivers have spirits, as Native Americans have long known. And other physical bodies in the material universe also have spirits. The planets, the moons, and the stars all have spirits. The most important to us is the sun. The sun also has a spirit, and that spirit is sending us spiritual light to awaken and nourish our spirits and souls. The immaterial soul needs to be nourished and cared for just as much as the body and mind. Continue reading “Immaterial Soul and Immaterial Nature”

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Between Materialism and Transcendental Consciousness

“The mystics have a vivid metaphor by which to describe the alternation between the onset and the absence of the joyous transcendental consciousness which forms at it were the characteristic intermediate stage between the bitter struggles of pure Purgation, and the peace and radiance of the Illuminated Life. They call it Ludus Amoris, the ‘Game of Love’ which God plays with the desirous soul. It is the ‘game of chess’ says St. Teresa, ‘in which game Humility is the Queen without whom none can checkmate the Divine King.’ ‘Here,’ says Martinsen, ‘God plays a blessed game with the soul.’ The ‘Game of Love’ is a reflection in consciousness of that state of struggle, oscillation and unrest which precedes the first unification of the self.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Absence of Transcendental Consciousness

This absence is not some rare condition found in an unfortunate few. It is actually the condition most people are in. And sadly, most remain in that condition for their entire life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This absence is characterized by being attached to matter. Even though many such people have religious beliefs, their idea of God and angels is essentially material beings that are superior to man. They may not thing that is the case, but when they ask questions like, “Is God male or female?” they are thinking in terms of matter not spirit.

Between State

If you are traveling from Los Angeles to Athens, Greece there is a period of travel when you are in neither place, but between both. Likewise, when you first began your spiritual awakening, there will be a phase in which you are not full asleep, but not really awakened either. This is the state Underhill calls the Ludus Amoris, or Game of Love state. It is a “game” in the sense that God is testing us to see if we are up to the challenge of the spiritual path. I think, however, that is looking at it from a human point of view.

God is not playing games with our lives as if we are but chess pieces to Him. He knows that great strength is needed to succeed on that path. He wants us to succeed. That is why God and His agents do their best to strengthen us on all levels when we began that path. For that reason, the beginning of the path of awakening is often difficult and depressing. But that intermediate state is preparing us for what Underhill calls joyous transcendental consciousness. Continue reading “Between Materialism and Transcendental Consciousness”

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Awakened Crowd Growing Larger and Stronger

“ A lost crowd I awakened, saying, You who are alive, holy offspring of Seth, understand this. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. Awaken your divinity to divinity and strengthen your undefiled chosen souls. Observe the constant change that is here and seek the unchanging state of being unborn. The father of all these beings invites you. When you are being rebuked and maltreated, he will not forsake you. Do not wash yourselves with death, nor rely on those who are inferior as if they were superior. … You have come not to suffer but to break your fetters. Break free, and what has bound you will be broken. … When you are invited, listen, for the time is short. Do not be led astray. … Get away quickly before destruction overtakes you. Look to the light, fly from the darkness. Do not be led astray to destruction.” ~The Sermon Of Zostrianos

Awakened Crowd

We are experiencing a great awakening in the world. I’m not sure we can refer to it as an awakened crowd, though. There are probably thousands who have awakened to some degree. But the population of the world is in billions. Those few thousand represent far less than one percent. On the other hand, that is probably the greatest number of awakened people on the planet in thousands of years. And as the number of awakened people continues to grow, and some of them reach the level of spiritual master, we will see the entire world began to transform.

Strengthen Your Soul

Just awakening your spirit and soul isn’t enough. You have to develop them and strengthen them. Just as we develop the mind and the muscles by using them, we develop and strengthen our spiritual faculties by using them. We also develop them b taking in spiritual light to energize them. The spiritual light that comes to us through the spiritual sun. Then you can be part of the awakened crowd. Continue reading “Awakened Crowd Growing Larger and Stronger”