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“The life of the person who is in accord with Divine Law is pure poetry, music, and song. That person is brave, resolute, and filled with noble and sublime feelings. Should one part with the law, one will become mistrustful, with concerns about everything: fear for one’s life, fearful that old age is coming and that there are not sufficient resources and so on.

“Pay attention to the least impulse. The small thoughts and feelings that manifest through you – these come from God.

“Where is God? God is in all those places where Love, Wisdom, Truth, Life, Knowledge, and Freedom are present. His presence gives us the most beautiful experience of the Spirit. It refreshes us and uplifts us.” ~Biensa Douno

In Accord With Divine Law

The person who is fully in accord with divine law is a person of peace, love, and joy. As such, being around such a person is like listening to great music or poetry. Balance, harmony, and humility describes such a person.

But Douno also looks at another side of that person .He says such people are “ brave, resolute, and filled with noble and sublime feelings.” That is true. It may seem to contradict the idea of being peaceful and living in harmony with others, but it doesn’t. One can be brave, strong, and resolute without being angry, hateful, and violent. In fact, it often takes greater strength and bravery to keep still rather than lashing out at others in anger or fear.

Parting With the Law

Douno is basically saying that one who parts from that spiritual life will be much like those who were never spiritual to began with. Those who never followed Divine Law. They will live in fear of just about everything—although they will deny it. Some will say, for example, that they are not afraid of immigrants. They just don’t want them coming into the country because they steal jobs, commit crimes, and rape our daughters. Well that is fear! They will worry about money, and paying bills. They may become greedy and start hoarding. Since you can’t be greedy and compassionate towards the less fortunate at the same time, they will gradually lose their compassion.

Impulse and Intuition

When Douno tells us to pay attention to pay attention to our impulse, I don’t think he is advising us to engage in impulsive behavior. That is hat the fearful people do. The materialistic and immature engage in impulsive behavior. Spiritual people are not impulsive.

What he means is that we should listen to our intuition. That little voice that sometimes tells us we are on the wrong path. That feeling that makes us avoid getting on the plane that crashes. That feeling that tells us when we have two new job opportunities to take job “A” when our logical mind is saying “B”. That is intuition. That is the little voice within that we should listen to. These messages do come from God, directly or indirectly (through angels).

Where is God?

This is a question many have debated for centuries. Most say that God is everywhere. Douno seems to thing differently. He says God can be found in places of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. He can be found where there is true freedom. All of which is just another way of saying that God is found in the realms of spirit. He is not found in the realm of matter, except for, in a sense, hovering around the edges of it to often help when needed and desired. Douno tells us why God is found in the spiritual realms (Love, Wisdom, etc.).

But why is God not everywhere? Why is he not in matter? You could think of it as God not wanting to pollute Himself with the death, disease, and other horrors of matter. Or you could think of it in terms of frequency. God’s frequencies are so high, that if He entered the low frequency worlds of matter, that higher frequency would burn up the matter and destroy it. So He stays out of the land of the fallen, but remains close by to offer help to those who are ready to escape. This also is Divine Law.


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